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How to Convert a stool in a Table

Need a coffee table? Learn the easy step by step to transform an old bench on a side table

Ideas for Transforming a stool

Never too support surfaces in every room of your home, making it turn a banquette at a table is the perfect project for this weekend. You can recover those banks that you have at home (and really never use), or purchase any financial market and give a special charm to every corner of your home with an original table made with your own hands.

Retrieving old sidewalks

If you go to restore a bench that already have at home, the first step is perfectly clean and be tested for defects and damage. Dale resistance making them legs to be bonded (or welded angles that bind to the top), and if the seat area that is in poor condition, you can simply replace it with a wood cutting a piece of acrylic (or resistant glass and withstand the heat and shock), or the material you have available at home if you are looking for a recycling project.

Depending on the material that is, you paint them with acrylic and latex (if wood) or synthetic enamel spray if you can, to facilitate the work (for sidewalks and glassware, plastic and metal). Dale even color or a combination, do decorative painting techniques, or whatever you give more charm to your new table.

Steps to make a side table with a stool

The area of ​​a bench seat is generally rather small for a coffee or coffee table. In this case, it replaced by a larger table (or can extramural above). If it is too high, you can trim the legs and place slip terminals appropriate style, or conversely, replaces short for longer strips and decorative legs, depending on what you want to accomplish with this great recycling project to convert a stool in a table for your home.

An easy way to renew is painting it, and decorate their legs twisting yarn colors or rustic styles. For the cover, also uses paints, or looks flat elements attached to the surface with decoupage technique. Even if you have an old wallet woven crochet, you can attach it with contact cement or protect pouring over colorless or style you prefer resin.

Yarn using the most appropriate style, you can create an open mesh, or cover the table with macrame technique. For a more masculine appearance, nuts and washers fixed with contact cement or recovered broken pieces of pottery and porcelain, glass or polished pieces, creating original mosaics. The only precaution you must take is to cover the creation varnish, grouts and resins, to ensure a smooth surface to facilitate maintenance of the piece.

Just let your creativity fly and give charm to any corner of your home with these proposals good and easy to convert a bench on a side table, for plants or for coffee.

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