How to Decorate with stones

Economic and very original solution: learn how to decorate stones to beautify any room of your house.

Ideas for Decorating with stones

Decorate with stones is a solution that can only be described as “great.” Sure the stone “ball” or “river” in the facades are quite seen but natural to integrate any corner of your home is much more original. Also, here you will have some good advice to give each a little of your personality, painting them and decorating them to your liking and according to the general atmosphere of each space.

Learn good ideas to decorate your garden with stones inside and outside the house.

Natural stone carving

Using metal nail files, small chisels, punches holes and crafts, you can decorate to your taste with carved stones. Write words, names or just letters, draw pictures of figures or great landscapes in miniature, leaving deep grooves in the stone diverse.

This task is much easier than you think. If you are going to use striking techniques (such as the chisel or punch) do it gently, with technical and not hard, because you could split the rock in two. We recommend purchasing a lathe or drill small craftsmen, who’ll use in this project and many more. Finally, remember that any work around with limes, including sculpting nails.

Decorated with painted stones

This is the most versatile option to decorate with stones, as there are many options as have imagination for this. You can dye them whole plant dipping into culinary use dye dissolved in water or with dyes for fabric dissolved in alcohol, to give a translucent color coverage, showing the grain of the stone through. Another idea is to paint them completely, or make figures, landscapes or whatever you want, using acrylic paint decorative, latex paint, oil, synthetic enamel, vegetable dye dissolved in just pasta, to watercolors!.

If you want to give your natural stones a modern and glamorous look, you paint them completely, figures or stripes (covers what you do not want to paint with masking tape on the ignition), with spray paint metallic color such as gold, silver, copper or other. If you get any wood grain or you is left over from a project, those will become confused and wonderful objects combining textures.

Decorative Effects

To decorate the stones with a slightly retro look, shaving foam poured into a container (a cushion of about 2-3 cm will suffice) and placed above either scattered drops of food coloring. Mix it with a toothpick to create a great design, and make the stone rolled foam to go taking colors free mode. Let dry completely, and clean gently with a clean, dry cloth to remove the remnants of shaving cream. They will be decorated in a way that will make you remember the crazy 60s.

Finally, Brush entire surface of natural stone with white glue or paste home, and roll it in a bowl full of sand, rock salt, glitter (glitter, glitter), beans and pulses, or anything else you can imagine to give different textures and aspects. Let the glue dry, swabbed over again (or use varnish) to secure and protect, and enjoy all these ideas for decorating with spending only a few coins stones.

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