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How to improve energy efficiency in housing

Improving energy efficiency in a home can bring huge benefits for the environment but also to the household economy, know how.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a series of actions which, as the name suggests, are intended to reduce energy consumption and improve the management of which it is used.

Home ImprovementImproving energy efficiency lowers energy consumption and thus save costs and cause economic, political and environmental. Which also industrially involves increasing the efficiency of production with less energy investment and maximize your profit.

How to improve energy efficiency in industry

Improving energy efficiency in industry is essential for environmental parameters, to create sustainable development and for increased economic competitiveness in energy cost savings for the sector.

An example of energy efficiency is the transportation field, where it is known because little is enough fuel savings through greater efficiency in consumption of vehicles and better fuel management. This can be achieved with simple things like finding shortest paths, efficient driving, proper maintenance of the fleet, etc. thus achieving a greater share of profits and less C02 emitted to the atmosphere.

Improving energy efficiency in buildings

To improve energy efficiency in buildings must start from design and consider energy saving aspects as fundamental. To achieve this we must address issues such as proper insulation. For example, given the guidance and south putting large windows to efficiently exploit sunlight to illuminate and warm in winter, proper insulation for each climate zone function building, placing solar panels to use less polluting power sources and that the home more energy self-sufficient.

How to improve energy efficiency in housing

Improving energy efficiency in a home they can get from manufacture with the same parameters as explained in the case of buildings. But in case you want to improve your current home, you can do with some not very expensive works to improve the insulation or changing feeding solar, wind, biomass, etc. But it can also decrease the energy cost of your home without works with a number of issues to take into account very simple and inexpensive.

How can you improve the energy efficiency of your home without works

Improving the energy efficiency of a home without spending hardly any money is very simple and it will bring savings in the household economy. For example:

  • Lighting: The lighting in homes usually between 18% and 20% of spending, so for better energy efficiency it is advisable to put light bulbs, is a significant savings. Watch your habits, do not leave lights on, take sunlight to the maximum, etc.
  • Heating: Heating commonly assumed 46% of total household energy consumption can reach 60% if the hot water is included. Use fans whenever possible instead of air conditioning, do not open the doors of stay to maintain the desired temperature without having to climb over. Tightly seal the cracks around windows and doors with those strips made of rubber, foam or silicone, ask your hardware, are very economical and easily put.
  • Appliances: Buy appliances Series A or more, which are energy efficient and can save between 58% and 70% on electricity. Use the oven for long-term things, put washing machines and dishwashers as full as possible, you can always cook with pressure cooker or at least covered with buckets.

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