How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

Keeping your car clean inside and out can be a challenge, but it is certainly not impossible. What you have to realize is that a car requires constant upkeep in terms of cleanliness – if you aren’t taking preventative measures, your car will only start to look dirtier and dirtier. Indeed, this dirt and grim can actually start to damage your vehicle. On the exterior, dirt and grime can cause your topcoat to dull and the granules of dirt can cause scratching. On the interior, the dirt and grime can stain the upholstery and it can weaken leather. This is exactly how you get small tears in the leather. Everyone knows that a small tear can easily turn into a big rip over time. Here is how to keep your car clean inside and out.

How to Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

  1. Keep your car sheltered – if you have a garage, you want to use it. Sure, it may be a hassle keeping your garage tidy enough to fit your car inside, but it is important that you do so – for the sake of the cleanliness of your car. Many people will settle for the driveway, but it’s not at all the same. If you don’t have a garage, you may want to use a car cover. Car covers can easily be purchased from a car parts supply shop or online. If you have a specific type of vehicle – perhaps an uncommon vehicle – you may want to ask your dealership if they can supply a car cover.
  2. Keep interior cleaner wipes in your glove compartment – every few days or so, you want to use these wipes to clean off the dust and debris that builds up. Over the course of a few weeks, dust can really build up on you dashboard. By keeping these wipes handy, you can also quickly clean up scuffs, spills and other dashboard ruining issues. These wipes can be purchased at your local gas station and any brand should be able to do the trick.
  3. Keep your exterior dust free – every few days, you may want to take a hose to your vehicle, just to make sure that the exterior layer of dust is washed away. If you don’t do this, the dust will wind up building and building until you have multiple layers. This is when your vehicle will look especially dirty. When you do take a hose to your vehicle, you want to dry it off right away, because you don’t want there to be any water damage.
  4. Get your car washed by a professional car detailing company – you want to make sure that you have your vehicle deep cleaned every month or so. When youdetail your car, you don’t want to visit just any car detailing company – you want quality service. For instance, Word of Mouth Auto Detailing Services will offer incredible service and you’ll wonder how they got your car so clean. In the end, car detailing is important for the sake of the value of your vehicle.

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  1. I always keep my car clean, especially the interior. The car is just another living room for most of the men, hope I’m maintaining it pretty well.

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