How to make a cake with Name

Learn how to make a cake with name included, to honor the birthday boy or leave special messages, it’s easy!

How to make a cake with Name Inside

Did you think about making a pie named within, so that each slice leave sight ? Because today we do teach very easily, using the favorite colors that best entertained or go with the theme of your event. You can write names, words of love and peace, and also achieve very striking colors and even different figures.

CakePrepare your materials and make this sensational cake with name included, much simpler than you think.

Setting the name for the cake

First, create the name that will be put in the cake, the word or form. To do this, preheat the oven and prepared with a base of sponge cake recipe you like. Give preparing the color you want for the name, you can even divide it into two or three molds to obtain different shades. Cooking, let cool, unmold onto a rack and let cool completely.

Cut the sides and the top and bottom color sponge cake bases, to remove the hard. Using sharp cookie or following a design and cuts that you print on a sheet of plain paper (perched on the color sponge cake), short words as often as possible to meet the size of the cake with the name you are going to prepare. Reserve.

Preparing the final cake

Preheat the oven again, Grease and flour a mold whose height is slightly greater than that of the word you cut. Create the base of your cake frosting, in the right amount.

Ready, pour a small amount into the mold base and accommodates cuts neatly name, to form a center bizcochuelo colorless. Carefully pour the rest of the preparation to cover the floor completely, at least one centimeter above too. Thus, the name will be completely coated and the pie filling. It leads to the preheated oven and cook until done, remove from heat, let cool and then unmold, recalling let down the base of the cake.

Presentation of cake with name

Place the cake on a serving tray (leave the base down). Cut the protruding parts to make a neater way, and smeared with cream, caramel or the icing you prefer. A great idea is to cover with icing the same color as the name of the cake, so to cut the slices remain more attractive.

If your cake named is thin, can cut each piece leaving the whole word sight, and if it is larger, cut a slice, lots of there drop it on the tray and cut, so that the name of the cake left in view of all the guests.

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