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How to make a home for Mosquito Repellent

To prepare homemade natural repellents against mosquitoes and prevent diseases that can spread dengue and recipes.

Mosquito repellents type of home

Many insects can transmit to us if we bite diseases such as Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits the dengue. There are several trademarks of effective mosquito repellents, most containing permethrin or DEET in different percentages. By being both toxic and penetrate into the bloodstream, it is recommended not to abuse them, especially in children.

It is important to know that the percentage concentration of the insecticide has nothing to do with its effectiveness, but with the time lasting repellent action. It is maybe one soft and repeatedly applying one more concentrated and stronger.

As an alternative to chemical mosquito repellents have some very effective and other softer natural repellents.

Try these homemade repellents against mosquitoes

Clove repellent

This recipe is excellent because it intoxicates and can be used without problems. Mix 1 liter of alcohol in 100 cm3 of oil Johnson or any baby, (to avoid drying out the skin), and about 30 cloves infusion. Leave on for several hours and then applied to the body.


A eucalyptus leaves are cooked, slip and the liquid obtained is poured into small containers and then place them in all rooms and on the shelves of the closets.

Citronella mosquito repellent

Citronella oil applied directly to the body is an excellent insect repellent, the aroma scares. Another way to use is left open container citronella for vapors fill the room.


This is a friendly and excellent insect repellent lotion. Lavender oil mixed with some oil or body lotion and apply on the body.

Basil to ward off mosquitoes

The smell coming from Basil (Basilicum Ocinum), is highly effective to repel insects, especially mosquitoes. To do this we place several fresh plants in the windows of the house or in a burner vaporizamos two or three drops of their essence.

Based repellent almond oil

Mix 100 ml. sweet almond oil and add 20 drops of basil oil and other 20 geranium. It is suitable for children and babies.

Manzanilla repellent

Rubbing the skin Camomile (or chamomile tea) is an Indian remedy to repel mosquitoes.

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