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How to Motif Arena

You no longer know what to do with all that sand you brought your vacation? Turn them into a sand and plaster ornament, original and special.

Guide to Creating a motif Arena

Today we suggest you make an original and very special ornament sand solve the decor of any room in your home, but more importantly, it will give all these sandbags brought your kids to the beach a far better use to fill the bottoms of the drawers. You just need a few materials, and you can give the style, theme and even the color you prefer.

Let your imagination and make a special ornament sand following instructions.

Items needed

To make this ornament sand need:

  • A frame or box of the desired size (you can use wooden sticks, an old frame of a picture, any container will do)
  • A large piece of plastic, like a trash bag open, an old shower curtain or tablecloth you do not mind plastic waste
  • The clean sand (see explanation below)
  • Plaster of Paris ready to prepare
  • Water
  • A container and a spatula to prepare the plaster
  • Rubber spatula or other item to match the surface (an old credit card will serve you very well)
  • Varnish or sealant to spray walls, water
  • Food coloring for culinary use (optional, is to color the sand if you want)
  • Makeup brush, very soft
  • The decorations you’re going to add a decorative frame the same size, conch shells and ropes in knots, gems or whatever you want, and hot glue gun to attach

Cleaning the sand

Place sand brought from the holidays in a large container, and rinse two or three washed with sufficient water to remove dirt and any object other than grains of sand. Drain in a colander wearing a cloth turns into a large pan and bring to a hot oven, stirring regularly, until the water evaporates completely. This will remove organic debris, dirt and sterilizes heat the oven. Be careful (it is very hot), and allowed to cool to perfection before proceeding.

If you want to color the sand, mix with vegetable dye culinary use, and do the same with plaster of Paris to create a much more original ornament.

Steps to the sand ornament

Prepare the container with plastic inside, so no insouciance worktable. Pour sand in a layer about 3 feet deep or more, depending on the design you’re going to do. Match the sand surface with a spatula, and moisten slightly so that is not so loose.

Now make volume design. To do this, simply press the slightly damp with whatever you want to sand: the shape of your hands, the footprints of your children, or even words and inspirational phrases, taking care to write upside down, like a mirror. If you do not know how to do, write the phrase in a document from a program design and flip it horizontally or mirror, printing, and copying this way the decoration arena.

Using your fingers, gently, make sure the design is neat and well even to wet a little more with a spray bottle of water. Reserve while preparing plaster of Paris into another container, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Carefully and slowly, pour the plaster ready for your design, within the framework. Start deeper parts, not distort the impressions you’ve done in the sand. When you’ve filled in the deep zones and then the remaining surface, at least 1/2 cm of plaster on the level of the sand, leveling very gently, using a spatula or credit card. Let dry at room temperature the time recommended by the manufacturer and, if you’re not sure, leave it on all night or even a whole day, if the weather in your city were very wet.

After the drying time, unmold by turning or pulling the plastic container you put into (beware: unbounded sand will in all directions) and shaken with a makeup brush the back of your design, to remove all grains not They have been added.

When neat look good, sprayed with lacquer or spray fixative to water, colorless or tone you prefer sealant. Dried and finally adheres decorations you want to put in this original sand ornament made ​​with your hands.

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