How to Organize a Buffet

In the buffet is the guest who should be served food. One advantage of this type of event is that it allows you to move freely and sit where you want.

Tips to organize a buffet – Distribution, Decor and Menu

The buffet has the advantage that it may invite a greater number of people that could sit at a table, although it is necessary to consider the available space of the house, because each person must have a comfortable place to sit, put his plate and cup.

PartyHow to prepare the place for buffet tables

It improvise ample space for everyone to move and move comfortably without having to overcome obstacles while carrying a plate in hand. Care should be several ashtrays and coasters distributed by different areas of the house.

The equipment necessary for the buffet is a tablecloth for the main table and also for the accessory, napkins, a small plate and another large per diner, covered under the food to be served and enough glassware for all guests. Check if you have spare parts, since in case of an accident, very common in this type of food, you should make use of them.

The table should be placed in an accessible place for everyone. The ideal is to place it in the middle so people can circulate freely around it, so as not to interrupt the passage of another. Another way to present it is pressed against the wall. If so, it must flow from left to right, so it is not recommended to repeat the trays with the same plate.

The plates and napkins should be placed in a corner (best at the beginning, at the corner of the left). If you do not have a sufficiently large table, you can install a simple table beside him on two sawhorses and entirely covered with a tablecloth. You can also place several tables, this will facilitate the passage and prevent all focus on a single point when serving.

Choosing the buffet menu

  • The dishes that accompany this type of meeting must be tempting. It is convenient to prepare a main dish (like a casserole), remove food with seeds, bones and spines, and a number of side dishes (sandwich, eye round, pies, etc.), and two or three different desserts.
  • At the time of choosing the menu, it is best that all foods can be eaten with one covered, less dessert. That way it will be easier to enjoy the food.
  • Something to keep in mind is that the guests, to finish his plate, never step on the kitchen should, therefore, would have to place a new table in one corner of the room prepared for each diner deposited there his plate.
  • While a buffet eaten standing, this is complicated and uncomfortable, making it ideal place chairs, benches or chairs so that guests can sit.
  • It is important to maintain order, each must be removed so the dirty dishes, crumpled napkins and empty glasses.
  • Drinks and the tickets must be served when guests arrive, a good choice and that allows guests to feel very welcome, is to offer them a drink just come along with a snack.

Table decoration

A good option is to choose a center of natural or dried flowers for a buffet. Another original idea is to put flowers in glasses of cognac or make colorful fruit centers and drop off some chandeliers.

In a buffet, the guests usually help themselves , the only problem that can arise is of order. Hence the need for the table is perfectly prepared and that the trays indicate by themselves the food order.

Anyway, guests can sit wherever they want, make groups or standing, however, that does not relieve the host to remain attentive when replenish the sources most meals (which must be already prepared in the kitchen) or care that all guests have drink.

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