How to Organize a trip Few Days

To take a trip a few days it should basically do not waste time. And that is achieved with a good organization and planning.

Tips for Organizing a trip Few Days

The consulting how to organize a few days trip insurance is what is usually called, “get away” weekend. But it may also be that you have left some vacation and want to leave home and office to rest. Or maybe because you want to know many places in no time.

TravelWhen time is short, it is vital to know how to get all the juice these days off or vacation. To plan short trips it is vital organization, and also consider some simple but very effective tricks. A stay of a few days does not have to be expensive, as many believe.

10 Tips to organize short trips

1. Book early direct flight: Since you will be very little time at the destination, not for you to make connections or go on land transport means (if the place is far away), because you will lose many hours you could take advantage of. ‘ll avoid your After many contingencies, such as flight cancellations, road accidents that slow traffic, etc. If you go by train, for example, traveling overnight.

2. Find information about the place: To organize a trip a few days and also discover attractions, you better have trusted data about the paths, roads, transportation, schedules, etc. You can enter the official website or contact the local tourism department.

3. Get important phone numbers: Those who wish to take advantage of short trips indicate that a good idea is to always have a list of the phones that will use during your stay, such as a taxi service, a tour operator, laundry, a restaurant, the tourism department, etc.

4. Always carry a map with you: On site tour desk can give you very detailed map with all the streets, transportation and unforgettable places. However, we recommend checking out before reaching (e.g. while traveling) not even waste a minute looking where the hotel is or what site parked buses.

5. Stay in the center: If you want to make a trip a few days does not suit you choose a hotel that is a few kilometers from the center. While they are cheaper, you will lose a lot of time and you’ll pay transfers. According to the site chosen, perhaps most interesting is around the main square (this is most likely), so is pay a little more for a central room and avoid unnecessary loss of time.

6. Analyze the places to go to eat: Another issue having to do with “wasting time on a trip” is walking out the door to several restaurants to choose the most appropriate based on price or food offer. Look at the map before leaving the hotel or if you’re more organized, perhaps you can enter on websites or forums to travelers to know what it’s that establishment.

7. Plan good walks and excursions: Sure you’ll know to take a short trip, so vital is the previous organization. Before reaching you must have hired a tourist service or at least used routes or paths not miss. If you’re not so methodical, before going to sleep you can check the map and record the route for the next day. This prevents spend twice for the same site or miss attractions you’ll regret.

8. Bring clothing for all occasions: One of the tips to organize a trip of a few days is on practicality. This means, do not carry a loaded suitcase, pack two or three changes of clothes and only the essentials. The luggage should be small, with items that can be combined with each other and that are comfortable for the activities you will perform. If desired, packs a more formal outfit for a special or eating out at a restaurant event.

9. Rest (but get up early): You must always be balanced. It is not sleeping all day nor spend a whole day without even lie down for a nap. Because one way or another you will not be having a good time. If you want to sleep, then stay at home. If you want to go from here to there, a two or three days will do you no good either because upon returning to your routine you are as tired as when you left. So it is best to reserve a portion of stay for relaxation and rest to walk and enjoy.

10. Do not improvise: Finally, if you really want to plan a trip a few days, do not make the mistake of “improvise”. This means, get somewhere with nothing armed, from the house to the itinerary. While sometimes organize sounds and office work, you will save a lot of time if you do. Nor should you spend three days looking for things to do, but at least have already planned the basics (hotel, transportation, somewhere to eat and something to go).

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