How to pack in 5 steps

One of the most common problems in organizing holidays is the case. In this article you will learn to pack in 5 steps. Do not miss it!

Learn to Pack in 5 Steps

The organization of a trip is, in most cases, something fascinating, especially when it comes to the holidays. Where we go, what will visit sites, which can become our itinerary, what our budget, how will the weather … and that’s when we realize we have to assemble the luggage. How to pack in 5 steps to make it all simpler?

TravelOnce you already have the bag, the dilemma begins what I wear and what not? How much weight is allowed by the airline? Does it get this suitcase in the car? What if I miss something? What if I have cold? What if it rains? What if I buy souvenirs or memories and I have nowhere to store them ? Sure all these questions will the ever done!

It is vital to know how to economize space and weight of the case and not take things more but not “go with the job”. You avoid many problems if you know to pack properly, because you will keep the ordered clothes will be easy to find and do not charge excess baggage.

The 5 steps to pack the suitcase

As a prerequisite to this guide (which might be called “how to pack 6-step”) step, it is necessary that you make a list of everything you might need or want to bring along your journey. It is a preliminary list, does not mean they pack up everything. A few days before the holiday, carry paper and pen, and while traveling to work or do the line at the bank, write the things you have to carry. Then you can cross out the non-essential or that you think are not necessary.

In this way, you will not forget anything. If you are already a passenger or frequent traveler, you can build the list in the computer or keep it in the mail to not have to enter it each time you leave your house. You can make two lists, one for winter and one for summer, for example, or one for work and one for holiday travel.

Now if you learn how to pack in five steps:

1. Prepare all to assemble the luggage

With the list in hand you entered (or view the computer screen, tablet, smartphone, so you will not waste paper), go take things you listed drawers, windows, closet, cabinet, etc. Arrange all over the bed or table, next to open suitcase. You’ll be able to tell if you need anything, or if they are too much for the size of the bag (surely you pass the latter).

Then, groups objects depending clothes, shoes, toiletries and other items. The most meticulous make a complete group, with pants on one hand, on the other sweaters, underwear in a third row, etc. Everything always neatly folded. The important thing is that right now make a second selection of the things you will take (the first’ve done reviewing the list).

2. Use the shoes as containers

If you will take closed shoes (no sandals or similar), you can use the space for storage. In the place where you can put feet are other items like socks, bracelets, earrings or bracelets, cell phone charger, a perfume, underwear in a plastic bag, etc. The idea is to occupy much less space, and take advantage of this “lost place”.

Another tip to pack in 5 steps is faced to put the shoes to take up less space, and keep them in a bag to avoid soiling the clothing.

3. Shoes and toiletries, to the bottom of the suitcase

To pack well, efficiently and that everything has its place, start by placing the shoes (and full of things inside and in a bag) on the bottom of the luggage. Ditto for cases, bags with accessories or toiletries, makeup, etc.

Pay attention to the shape of the bag, because while the pack is “lying”, also have to take “up” at some point. Shoes place them in the nearest part to the wheels, either at the bottom of the backpack. Then he goes all the vanity properly stored in plastic bags or boxes.

4. Garments that do not wrinkle

All the clothes that no matter wrinkling, as pajamas or jeans, can be rolled. Weapon cylinders clothes and has over shoes and accessories. If you’re taking something breaks, such as a glass bottle, uses and wrap with a garment. Fits well to fit all.

5. The most delicate clothes up

Finally, pack dresses, shirts, dress pants and everything you need to use ironing. Place them up rolls clothing. They have contact with the lid of the case and will safeguard more.

Do not make the mistake of arranging them at the base of luggage, because it is what most wrinkle. To save, you need to have that ironed and folded correctly. You can also put in separate bags for safety.

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