How to Plan a Fun Camping Trip With Kids to Yellowstone National Park

If you are planning a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, you want to make fun a number one priority. When you travel the Rockies with kids, you may want to curtail the more rigorous activities that you would engage in if you were traveling alone – like hiking multiple miles a day or rock climbing. Indeed, Yellowstone is rife with plenty of family friendly activities, like camping, exploring, swimming, and even kayaking. For all these reasons, you want to plan carefully and you want to engage your children in the planning conversation – there may be some activities that they really want to do. Here is how to plan a fun camping trip with kids to Yellowstone National Park.


Your first step is to order some brochures or to do your research online. Ideally, you want to bring the kids into the den or set the laptop up in the dining room so everyone can see the screen. Planning a family camping trip should be a family experience and doing your research will allow you the opportunity to learn more about the park. This will give everyone a sense of what they want to do when they get to Yellowstone. Not only that, but doing your homework will give you some tips for things you should avoid, like activities that may be too dangerous.

Next, you want to create an itinerary. Your itinerary will be a simple list of activities that you and your kids can engage in when you get to Yellowstone. In fact, your itinerary will be a crucial way to build your entire vacation, because depending on what you what you want to do or see, you may have to stay in a certain area of the park. When it comes down to it, there are countless attractions to see in Yellowstone, so creating an itinerary will give you a more structured way to plan the trip.

After you create an itinerary, you want to book your accommodations. One of the best ways to enjoy Yellowstone is to go camping. There are numerous Yellowstone camping opportunities, but you have to book in advance because they can get booked up. Also, you want to book a space at a designated camping area. If camping opportunities are booked, you can probably find a lodge or a motel near the park, but camping is the most fun, and you certainly don’t want to miss out. In the spring and summer, camping opportunities can start to get booked up multiple months in advance.

In the end, planning a fun camping trip with the kids to Yellowstone can offer numerous prospects for fun. If you plan accordingly and make your list of activities and must-see sights, you are bound to have a good time. Just make sure, though, that you pack a few essentials, like warm-weather clothing, bug spray, sun block and, a first-aid kit. In the end, you want to be totally prepared – your fun-filled camping trip to Yellowstone definitely won’t be as fun unless you are fully prepared.


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