How to prepare your parcels for delivery

There are key times of the year such as Christmas when thousands of parcels are sent, but for many businesses there is the need to send and receive parcels on a daily basis. This could be using royal mail or a Same Day Courier like Regardless of how your parcels will be delivered there are a few key tips to preparing your parcels.

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Packaging – make sure that the packaging that you have for your parcel is appropriate and will protect the items that are contained inside. If your products are loose in the box and could move around during transit you might want to think about adding packing materials such as packing beans and foam. There are eco-friendly veropsn that you can buy.

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Labeling – make sure that you clearly label your package with the name and address of the receiver and also the address of your business so that if the parcel can not be delivered for whatever reason it can be returned safely to you. Make sure to add any fragile labels or other information that might be important for the delivery professional to know about.

Sealing – when it comes to sealing your package make sure that you use packing tape rather than sellotape and it is more robust and will withstand the package being moved around during delivery. It is always best to add a couple of layers of packing tape to your parcel to help secure it fully.

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