How to prevent and combat frizz

Effective tips and tricks to avoid frizz in the hair. Knowing these secrets, the hair will look healthy, shiny, well maintained, and all this without much effort.

Secrets to keep hair frizz

If you suffer from dry hair or frizzy, it is likely that the frizz is a problem every day. If the hair is dry or damaged it is very important to help you recover control bristling. Use these homemade recipes to eliminate frizz, all-natural, inexpensive and very effective.

In addition, there is much that can be done by implementing these recommendations and tricks to prevent hair stand on end.

How to prevent and combat frizz

  • As frizz largely due to the dryness of the hair, we must reduce the use of hair dryer because it increases the problem.
  • While the hair dry with a towel, and never use the dryer to the maximum or close to the hair.
  • If you use a hairdryer, apply cold air at the end to seal the hair and diminish frizz.
  • Always apply before drying thermal protectors, waving or straightening the hair.
  • Choose products that moisturize the hair, which naturally nourish and do not leave greasy. The products chosen must facilitate detaining and styling.
  • Applies a treatment for split ends , as these are responsible for the hair stand on end and lose moisture.
  • To combat frizz hair brush bristles should be natural. Avoid metal, plastic or thin hair bristles that carry electricity.
  • After washing, a good way to control frizz and have straight hair is making you “touches”, a traditional way to straighten hair without damaging it.
  • Please use at least once a week any special treatment with homemade natural masks to prevent frizz.
  • If you are exposed to the sun, it is important to use a special cream that blocks harmful rays and keep your natural moisture.
  • After washing would be good to apply a styling cream or mousse anti frizz, which also make it easy to shape the hair.
  • If you decide to use the flat iron to straighten hair, it must be ceramic, and should be applied before moisturizer product, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.

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