How to spend less time at the airport

Is there a real way to lose less time at the airport ? It is difficult, but with some tips we can better use the time.

How to decrease time lost at the Airport

As airlines require us to arrive at the terminal with two or three hours in advance (depending on whether the flight is domestic or international), sometimes the wait is eternal ago. But you can apply some tricks to spend less time at the airport.

It is that one of the challenges ahead of the World Tourism Organization (OMT) is to improve the experience of tourists all the way. It is worth noting that for this organism, the journey begins when you close the door until we returned home. Therefore, the waiting time at the airport is also included.

The hours we have to spend in the terminal “doing nothing” is unbearable, tedious and boring. This is confirmed by all travelers, especially when going out of the country. While we can not prevent this provision from the airlines (because otherwise all flights would be delayed), if there are things that depend on us.

Reduce the time at the airport also has to do with the time we landed and look bags, for example, or expect a charter bus or transport you have chosen to take us to the hotel.

Tips to lose less time at the airport

Pay close attention to the following tips. These tips to reduce the waiting time at the airport will help an to pass wonders before you take flight, and at destination (either on vacation or your city of residence to finish the rest).

Avoid busy dates

Yes, we know that most people have their vacation at the same time, including you. But remember that in the end there are “peaks” of increased activity at certain times, such as weekends, December holidays and summer season.

When buying tickets, avoid flying on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, for example. He prefers to travel a day before (Thursday) or the day after (Monday). Many believe that in this way travel days are lost, but you avoid the stress at the airport, and also can get cheaper flights.

Use the Internet to spend less time

A great advantage of the technology is that you can check-in online. Thus, you avoid wasting much time at the airport by endless rows. Enter the website of the airline and makes the check-in on the Internet, quiet, from home. All companies have this service which can be done with 24 or 48 hours in advance. You print the ticket at home or in the office and save formalities at the airport (although you from having to go before).

Another thing you can do to reduce the time lost at the airport is take a look at the site plan. It is likely to find on the Internet. In this way, you can detect where are the counters to make the proceedings, in which terminal your flight, where the bathrooms are, escalators, the cafeteria or the free shop. Many airports are huge and can get lost in its corridors. And you do not want that to happen.

Also, see the status of your flight before leaving home , to check for any delays or cancellations. Maybe you reminded if that happens, but you can not take it for sure. Prevents the problem of going to the terminal with all the luggage and being told you not leave the plane, having to return home, or worse … Wait there!

Do not forget to pack anything

This is one of the tips to spend less time at the airport that not everyone has in mind and vital. Sure, because if you’ve left something important at home you have to go back for it. If you forget a passport, for example, you have to spend a lot of money and shows a new one quickly (you can in some airports)!

Check before you leave your home you carry all the documentation and the necessary elements for your trip, including money, cards, medicines and any necessary thing. One method is to be sure not to pack everything at the last minute because a hurry is likely to escape us something.

According to where you head, or what you make airport terminal your flight, security controls may be more or less comprehensive. When you’re packing at home, do not forget to find out on the website of the airline about the requirements for both the baggage that is shipped as the hand (the latter are stricter yet).

Avoid problems, they ask open the suitcase, waste time at the office, etc. Do not take things “just because”, packs just enough. Do not forget to weigh and measure your suitcase to avoid paying excess baggage or not allow you to carry the bag in hand with you. Also, put anything that distinguishes it from the rest to find him quickly on the conveyor belt.

Other tips to avoid losing so much time at the airport

When you make the chek-in, choose the seats are in the front row, closest to the aircraft door. So, you will be among the first to go down and you’ll spend less time at the airport to find the suitcase, for example, or having to let all passengers pass before you.

If you can make the effort to try to reduce everything to a purse or small backpack that meets the requirements of luggage. This way, you will leave the plane and can directly take a taxi, rent a car or public transportation waiting watching without getting the bags to go find yours on the conveyor belt.

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