stress of the work

The best massages to end the stress of the work

Thai, Balinese, with lavender pindas, with bamboo canes. Put yourself in the best hands.

There is still time for the summer holidays that you expect as water of May (well, more water, no, please) but your time of disconnection has not knocked on your door at all. In the meantime, in order not to get dusty by the month of July, you should take a breath and remedy now. The best time is after the curro, when you stop in your tracks and let yourself be carried away in the best hands . And we do not propose a solution. But 7 pleasurable massages that will leave the stress outside and you in another orbit.


90km from Madrid, you will find Niwa Hotel & Spa (in Brihuega), in a small town that belongs to Guadalajara where you can unwind and spend the weekend. And for it to be round, try lavender-based aromatherapy .

With two pindas you massage and relax the whole body, lavender reduces discomfort and pain, relieves physical and mental stress as well as being a powerful detoxifier for the lymphatic system.

Moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin of the face and body, and is especially indicated for times when we need an express anti-stress cure . It is perfect to relieve anxiety when we are overwhelmed.


Stress, anxiety, depression, headache, bruxism, insomnia, lack of concentration, nervousness … There are few things that do not treat the millennial royal Thai massage of The Organic Spa , in Madrid.

It all starts with a welcome with a cup of jasmine tea, a change of comfortable clothes and a foot washing ritual with organic tea tree. The traditional Thai massage (performed on a special tatami placed on the floor, performing precise stretches depending on the client’s flexibility, and using breathing and pressure methods with thumbs, palms, elbows, arms and feet) works the functions of the four elements of the body:

Earth: solid particles (bones, muscles …) – Water: blood and secretions. – Fire: digestion and metabolism. – Air: respiration and blood circulation.


The Balinese massage of Carmen Chico (Madrid) is done with pindas, Coprah coconut oil and Flor de Tiare extract.

It is an exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic ritual, oriented by its positive effects in the treatment of migraines, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety states.

It provides a feeling of absolute relaxation of body and mind. An authentic pass. Continue reading – 7 neurobiological advice that will help you brain to be happier


The benefits offered by the massage with bamboo canes from The Secret Lab (Madrid) are many. Relaxation is the key, but circulation is also reactivated to promote drainage and tissue regeneration s .

An essential oil is applied throughout the body while sliding bamboo cylinders, exerting a gentle pressure by rolling and sliding. Bamboo canes activate and harmonize body energy. It use bamboo canes for best result.


Caldea is a paradise located in Andorra that has a spectacular spa, but also with a series of treatments to return again.

One of the best is Thai, if you intend to release tensions. Thanks to the combination of yoga and acupuncture techniques, it is possible to work the energy lines and release blockages. However, the technique uses the same meridians as in acupuncture, but instead of needles, the palms, fingers, elbows and even the feet are used to stimulate internal organs and circulation.


Aromatherapy is one of the specialties in the relaxation area of Lola Sopeña (Madrid). This massage consists of the application of five essential oils together with a carrier oil or base in those affected areas and then we will work on the lymphatic system and the nervous system above all.

It focuses mainly on the part of the back because it is where the man usually concentrates the most tension.


If we want a 2×1, the ‘Cacao Body Wrap’ that Formentor proposes , at Royal Hideway Hotel (Mallorca) is a relaxing massage while toning the tissues and helping to work the fat clusters.

Its cocoa wrap acts by relaxing the nervous system, thanks to antioxidants such as theobromine, tannin and polyphenols. Its components cause a vasodilator action that improves circulation, undoing the resulting fat nodules and resulting in an anti-cellulite effect.

It contains several ingredients such as magnesium, zinc, vitamins B, A and E. That help hydrate, nourish, tone and revitalize the body.

8.A LUXURY FACIALstress of the work

“The skin of the man is thicker and fat than the female. Your “critical” areas are the contour of the eyes and forehead and a good beauty protocol should insist on these. If you practice outdoor sports, even more “, say Estrella Puyol, from Oxigen (Barcelona).

The pleasure it gives you to touch your face, it’s priceless, you’ll have to try it yourself.

The ‘Revitalizmen’ protocol begins with a deep facial cleansing and exfoliation, then a rich fluid based on ginseng, Siberian, taurine, hops, zinc, copper, magnesium and microalgae with a powerful moisturizing effect.

Then comes the turn of the periocular area that is treated by massage to drain the bags and smooth the wrinkles .

The gold clasp is a veil of collagen that extends over the face and neck while performing a digitopuncture massage. Finally, a gel-cream with an energizing effect is applied.


The ‘balancing treatment of chakras’ of Art Lab Salon is inspired by the traditional medicine of India, it focuses on promoting physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony whose benefits are aimed at harmonizing the energy centers of our body and achieving a interior balance that is reflected inside and outside.

For more than 5000 years, Ayurveda recognizes seven main chakras or energy centers in the body . Each chakra governs certain physical, spiritual and emotional characteristics that can affect the general well-being of the person.

They represent points of union between our body and mind and therefore. When there is an energy breakdown, it results in the loss of balance and the feeling of well-being. It use bamboo canes for best result.

Through aromas and deep massages, for one hour a decrease in psychic stress, relief of muscle tension and release of positive energy through our body.

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