Job Hunting

Job Hunting With Headhunters Made Easy

When it comes to job hunting, one of the best ways to get a great job that you will love is to allow the professionals do to some of the work for you. Professionals, in this case, are defined as the pros that know about the best jobs in your field of specialty that may not be listed on the job boards. In fact, 70% of top paying jobs are never posted on job boards. Most job hunters will never know about these jobs unless they find an industry pro that has made inside connections with other HR specialists and are now on the lookout for the perfect candidate match.

Job Hunting

Talent scouts make it their business to search for candidates and match them to the perfect job, and the best way to get noticed is to disseminate your resume through different channels simultaneously. By following a few simple steps, your resume can get picked up for an interview in no time!

Network Within Your Industry

It is important to take advantage of all avenues for creating more visibility in your job search. Whether you are in Sales, Marketing, Communications, or IT, start networking within your own industry by attending conferences, forums, trade shows, and seminars. Take a stack of business cards with your email address and phone number printed on them and network.Have your references ready to deliver a great referral for you. References can come from senior level management or other professionals that can provide referrals about your job experience and can confirm your industry credibility.

Look for A Specialist in Your Industry

The best way to get discovered is to actively seek out these specialists. Do a quick search to look for recruiters that specialize in your industry. There’s nothing worse than making a great connection with a talent scout that specializes in IT, but you’re in the Hospitality industry. Recruiters specialize and you should too.Finally, upload your resume to online job sites. You will receive multiple calls from companies, and with the right keywords, you can weed out the irrelevant ones. If a headhunter calls you about a position, take the time to listen. If a headhunter calls you with an opportunity you’re not interested in, provide the names of colleagues who might be a great fit for the job.

Use Social Media As A Job Tool

Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a powerful networking tool and people who are looking for greattalent use it daily. Join groups, sign up for events, post comments and start conversations. Twitter is also used to announce new job opportunities daily. Follow the companies and specialists that list the positions you want. Make sure your Twitter profile has a link to your online bio.

Make Yourself More Marketable

Continue to develop your skills through courses and continuing education. Being clear about your value will help talent scouts be clear about why you’re a good fit. Getting to a headhunter can be difficult.

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