Laughing so hard I almost went into labour

Now, I have always been a bit partial to watching a comedian whether that is live or on television. A good laugh is always great at the end of a hard day at work. It certainly makes me glad that I contacted TV Aerial Installation Swansea company to come and fit my new aerial a few years back.

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One evening, whilst heavily pregnant and finding nothing to watch on the television I stumbled across a comedy show of Lee Evans. He has always been one of my favourite comedians and never fails to have me laughing. Now ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem but being over eight months pregnant it was a bit of a gamble, but it was one I was willing to take. So massive bottle of orange juice in hand (a craving I had had from early on and it only seemed to get worse) I set about watching the show.

Everything was going just fine until Lee recounted his views on pregnant women having their stomachs rubbed by complete strangers as people seem to think your bump is public property. He goes on to state that no one congratulates a man for his part in the process and he gesticulates to a non-PG area of the body. This had me roaring with laughter, laughing so hard in fact that my unborn child started to wriggle around and push their foot out of my stomach like something akin to alien, in their complete and utter displeasure at my jiggling them around with my laughter.

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Now as any woman who has been pregnant will know by the time you are eight months pregnant there is not much room for anything else other than your baby in your every expanding stomach and I had drunk gallons and gallons of orange juice. So, cue a mad dash to the bathroom and a stay in there that seemed to last an eternity. Still at least it seemed to calm baby down for a while!

So, the moral of the story for me that night was never watch your favourite comedian whilst heavily pregnant and with a stomach full of orange juice because it was just one slightly delayed movement up off the sofa off a giant accident happening on my living room carpet.

Still one positive is now my child is two years old and they hate nothing more than orange juice!

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