Leveraging anger

Learn how to harness the anger to channel your emotions in productive tasks…

Take advantage of the anger and Energy Redirects

The crux of the issue is not being faced “few friends “all day but you can reap the anger to become a more positive person. Redirect your distressing emotions behavior that will help you and those around you.

Angry without being rude is the secret, according to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. It can be possible? The problem that most people face a bad situation immediately responds with “anger”, and this makes them less intelligent.

When we are angry we can not reason or think because all our energy is put into what causes our illness. Security has happened to run into someone you angry and you can not do “to reason” no matter what you say. Simply in a state of rage it is impossible that the ideas are clarified in our minds.

However, some have the ability to harness the anger (as the case manager of Apple) and use them as a bridge to be more creative and original. They usually try to expel negative emotions and bad way to turn to others. But, we got the opposite! The more we take our mind with anger, with greater presence appears.

It is possible to exploit the anger and other negative emotions like greed, hatred or guilt and to be transformed into something positive. Perhaps we feel it is to be “cold” must put aside the feelings and just listen to the thoughts, but that’s impossible. What we think is closely linked to what we feel. We define ourselves as machines with the ability to reason and feel.

Now, is it possible to cope with distressing emotions and replace them with something positive? Undoubtedly. Anger is a kind of fuel that can be used to act productively.

Tips to take advantage of anger

The first goal you have to ask yourself is learning how to “respond” rather than “react”. This last action is the instinctive, leaving coasts. A reaction is not a sudden event that involves both think and do as say something. And in most cases you will regret!

The answer, however, is wait a few precious seconds to take action or speak. During that time it is when you will demonstrate carefully the pros and cons of the situation. Seems impossible right? It’s all about practice. Other tips to take advantage of anger are:

Identify what are the things that make you provoke the anger are

It can be a person, a situation or something that does not have the ability to control. For example, an employee who makes evil tasks, transit procedures, negative, poor performance. What things carry negative charge your emotional state? What behaviors or situations make you angry?

Manage your levels of anger

Once you identify what infuriates you, the next step is to do something about it. That is, you have several ways. The first is the same as you do so far (angry), the second is to remove the emotion of your routine (something like walking through life talking peace and quiet), and the third is to channel the anger into more productive things. You have to act intelligently in the moment when the blood starts to boil and you blush.

There are many levels in anger. The most basic is when you find something angry or frustrated. If the problem or situation persists or gets worse, you’re a little infuriating. By the time the cause of your anger is greater than you can bear, that’s when the anger, you can not control appears and energy costs and reduce time to return to normal levels.

Take advantage of anger and acts as appropriate

There are 3 questions you can respond instantly to start experiencing the fury.

  • How do I feel?
  • Why do I have these feelings?
  • What let emotions rule?

That answers are concise and specific. No “I feel angry because I’m late and until you step into the office I will not calm”. To take the anger pay attention to the levels of anger, if you are really angry with traffic or with yourself for Later leave home, and how you want to continue your journey.

I am aware of what happens to you and lower revolutions

Some people choose to drink a glass of cold water, others go for a walk or run as fast as possible, and there are those who prefer a cold shower when angry. Sure you will have an effective technique. But do you have to always confide that these techniques will serve because often the anger is such that nothing and no one can be reduced. Do not come to this point.

Take advantage of your anger

If you are angry very often, you do not stay with that feeling inside. Seize it! You have a lot of stored energy in the form of anger. What if you take out your creativity to overcome the problems, to find a best solution to inconvenient and become more productive in the office? Change the face grumpy in the pro!

To take advantage of the anger you have to learn to calm down, but also recognize when they start to appear rather than overshadow your day can direct it to a day of the most productive.

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