How to make a snow-white smile without visiting clinics

Doctors recommended a simple and cheap method that does not harm health. Recent research has shown that there is a simple and reliable way to whiten your teeth at home, for this use regular activated charcoal. The advantage of this method is that it is cheap and does not cause painful or unpleasant sensations, and it can be called the safest method of teeth whitening at home.

In order to create a whitening agent, you need to knead two tablets in a glass or ceramic bowl, then add a few drops of clean water to the resulting substance to make the texture look like toothpaste. All this carefully mix and use as a normal toothpaste – apply to the brush and brush your teeth.

Then you should rinse your mouth well. You can do it and it’s easier – just chew the coal tablets, however, this can cause unpleasant sensations, and the effectiveness of this method will be slightly lower.

Bleaching at home should be done no more than once a week, because, otherwise, it is possible to have a negative effect on the enamel of the teeth, which can become an order of magnitude more sensitive.

There are several prescriptions for teeth whitening with activated charcoal. In each case, 1-2 tablets are required. But we also recommend you to read the charcoal teeth whitener reviews

  • Pound the activated charcoal tablets into powder and mix them with a little water. The volume of it should be minimal for obtaining thick gruel. It is convenient to pour water by drop, from the pipette, mixing the mixture well. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush. To do this, you can use a soft toothbrush or finger pads to reduce the effect of abrasive. After massaging the surface of the teeth for 2 minutes, rinse your mouth.
  • Express method of teeth whitening with activated charcoal. Reviews indicate its effectiveness, although insufficient thoroughness of cleaning the enamel. Take a pair of black tablets and carefully open the mouth. Then put water in your mouth, rinse for a minute, spit it out.
  • “Activated charcoal” toothpaste. Crushed 1 tablet of activated charcoal, add a little powder directly to the toothpaste on the brush. Brush your teeth as usual.

Absolute contraindications to the use of coal as a bleaching agent are individual intolerance and allergy to the components of the drug. It is not recommended to use this method during pregnancy and lactation. Do not bleach your teeth with coal at home, if your enamel is damaged. You may also like

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