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Making an Energy Cleaning in the bedroom

One of the rooms in the house to which we must pay great attention is the place where we sleep. It is important to an energy cleaning in the bedroom regularly to release him from bad influences, making way for positivity and welfare.

Whether you are a couple or not, the bedroom is the place with which we connect in a more influential with our house and energy mode. Therefore, it is vital to keep happy, bright, inviting the beneficial energies to visit it daily, especially while you sleep and recharge your own vitality.

Home ImprovementSteps to an energy cleaning in the bedroom

We recommend choosing a day of nice weather to make this energy deep cleaning . Your mood should also be adequate; if you make any effort to improve from anger, worry or anxiety, you would not get good results.

Open the windows and letting in the sunshine and clean air. Remove the sheets, blankets and quilts, to wash and dry them in the sun -preferably-, and loaded with beneficial energy. Also leads to the laundry room curtains, rugs and everything you can wash. Hits the mattress and pillows or cushions, removing the dust and allowing it to higienicen with the sun, when you can do it.

The next thing is to cover the mattress with a sheet, and absolutely remove the entire contents of your closet and drawers. Classify each item: give away, donate or sell clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer use, mend what can be mended, and throw what is broken and no longer serve.

Strip old papers, letters you’ve already read, the photos have faded and everything that does not evoke in you a memory or a feeling of happiness. Do not leave anything unchecked, and make enough room in every corner so that positive energies can circulate around the room. Then return everything in its place, this time with more space and organization.

The next step, perhaps the most effort is clean. Water, soap, and natural cleaning products. Clean all surfaces, starting from the top and to the floor. Be sure to rub under the bed, behind furniture. Let the good crystal glasses to sunlight (and positive energy) can enter and swim around the room every day. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the lights, fans and drawers, and do not forget to sanitize inside the cabinet, every centimeter.

Yet clean and dry, re-dress the bed, put the curtains and let the carpet in place. Now your bedroom is beautiful and spotless, just missing perfuming with incense and essential oils stoves you prefer to use.

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The final step in an energy cleaning the bedroom

To make a good deep cleaning energy in the bedroom, before ending the task uses sandalwood incense, covering the entire space with them so that his healing smoke invades every corner. This is best done starting with the farthest to the entrance door, in the sense clockwise sector. It is important to maintain an optimistic and positive mindset, to duplicate the results of the cure for your room.

Before leaving, take a few minutes to appreciate your bedroom. Smell the aroma and enjoy how nice it looks. Imagine how much happiness have a night when you go to rest in an energized atmosphere, positive, it will attract the well-being to your life and will promote a restful sleep. Remember that you can repeat this energetic cleansing in any space, to harmonize all your home!

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