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Making an Oil Lamp

Learn how to make an oil lamp at home. Follow this easy to get a decorative and aromatic guide

Guide to make a Homemade Oil Lamp

We offer you a great notion to acclimate the garden, terrace or whatever you want, with a simple and aromatic lamp homemade and very particular oil: is made ​​by using what we have in the kitchen.

Home ImprovementPrepare your materials and gather the ingredients to make a simple and functional element that will add great charm to any corner; environmental lamp oil, while modern classic.

Items needed

To make this homemade lamp oil use a jar of something big preserved with screw locking lid, and a piece of rope to the wick, which usually is a cotton rope you can buy in hardware stores, gardening, crafts or decoration. You can also make home recycling an old cotton shirt: cut a strip about 10 inches or 4 inches wide, screw it and cut to the desired length, so it does not burn so quickly.

Also, you need the proper drill and drill bit lid. To provide greater security to work (although these elements are optional), you can also use a metal threaded coupling, a screw, a section of pipe threaded hole and washers to fix.

Preparing the container lamp

Wash the bottle and fill it with hot water. Soak it in a bucket filled with hot water and left there until the water cools. Thus, you can easily remove the labels and adhesives that may have without scratching the material.

Ready the bottle again washed with soap and dry with paper towels, to avoid leaving marks. If you’re going to decorate it, this is the time to do it to your liking. Let dry (if applicable) while preparing the cover to the oil lamp.

Mark the center of the screw cap and make a through hole, the diameter of the pipe threaded hole. Pass through the hole, leaving less hover high coupling. That is, if you attach measures 1 inch high, let the pipe poke about 7 millimeters only.

A washer placed on each side of the cap and a coupling screwed on the upper side, fixing with a screw (or other coupling) on ​​the inside. Go through the cotton wick leaving excel 1-1 1/2 inches approximately and reservation while homemade stuffed your lamp oil.

Filling your home lamp oil

As the name implies, the flammable material we use to be oil lamp. But not everyone, but one that provides a delicious aroma, such as olive, coconut, canola, peanut, citronella, and if you have at home can use liquid paraffin, mineral oil or oil lamps, your choice.

To give more beauty to your oil lamp placed inside natural ingredients that have good appearance and aroma. Examples include a cinnamon stick, star anise about a pineapple (pine) dry and small, some leaves or branches of herbs, small flowers, coffee beans, berries, (small and sliced) citrus fruits, essential oils and spices up to help each space flavoring.

Once you fill the bottle (leaving one or two inches above free, so no overflow), just enter the wick in the oil and screw the lid on tightly. Leave an hour to impregnate cotton, and you can enjoy your own oil lamp.

Always remember to turn it on and not leave unattended; place it in a safe place and verifies that no plants, gender or other items on top, so you can enjoy your homemade oil lamp smoothly.

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