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Making Home Gel Hair

Learn how to make homemade hair gel, and thus shape your curls easily and natural products.

Home Recipe for Hair Gel

If the frizz and volume make you lose control of your curls, learn how to make a homemade hair gel and say goodbye to the crazy hair. You will achieve defined waves with ease, while your life will eliminate the annoying frizz exaggerated volume or humid climates only know how to create.

Hair CarePrepare your ingredients, all natural, and learn this recipe for homemade hair gel, whether curly, curls, ruludo or whatever you want to define your leonesca mane.

Materials and ingredients needed

To make a gel for home hair in sufficient amount for a month or more (everyday), you need a spray bottle 1 liter, a medium saucepan, a rubber spatula or wooden strainer (filter) a large bowl, a piece of gauze or diaper old pantyhose (for filtering the gel), a funnel of adequate size, and these natural ingredients:

– 1/2 cup flax seeds
– 4 cups of tap water or you want to use
– Essence or extract that complements your hair type (the grape seed extract works wonders for curly hair)
– Essential oil of your favorite aroma, to give your hair a unique fragrance (optional)

Remember to adapt the amounts for preparing homemade gel on the amount you prefer, and retains the bottle in the refrigerator if in your city the weather is dry and hot, to keep the product at its best. Remember that use natural ingredients and, as such, they can deteriorate and become rancid.

Preparing homemade hair gel

Place the flax seeds in the pot and add water. Stir a little, to make sure all seeds are wetted, and let stand 5-10 minutes. The next thing is to take the pot on the fire, at a moderate temperature (or moderate-low, if you have more patience and want to ensure a more homogeneous product).

Heat the pot with water and seeds until it begins to make a mild to moderate boil, stirring so that the seeds are not deposited on the bottom of the pot occasionally. You will notice that the liquid is becoming thicker. Depending on the temperature and quantities (and the pot you use), you should keep this fervor not as strong for about 10 minutes, until the liquid take a somewhat gelatinous consistency, similar to egg whites.

Place the strainer (filter) on the large bowl and passes by the product, removing the seeds and keeping only the gelatinous liquid. Add the essence and / or extract you want to use, or if you want to leave and make a homemade hair gel without fragrances and accessories . Place the funnel dressed with gauze or cloth on top, fits into the mouth of the bottle, and even filters the hot liquid to facilitate the task. Close the bottle and allowed to settle the home gel to cool completely before using.

Remember to be patient with the use of this natural product. Your hair is already accustomed to commercial, full of chemicals cosmetics, so it will take one week (approximately) to adapt to this new product. On the other hand, when you do, you’ll be more than pleased with how cool and controlled that your hair will look, and you’ll soon be back to make homemade hair gel and always ready to have your bottle.

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