Making Milk Paints

Discover how to make paintings with milk, easy and economical method to paint and decorate gender roles

Paintings technique for Milk

We offer you a great way to make milk paint to draw on cards, or even gender roles, giving your garments and clothing accessories modern, youthful and completely original look. Prepare your materials and get to work with these unique paintings with milk.

EntertainmentWhat do you need?

To stamp these psychedelic designs use milk as a base medium. You can use skim or whole milk (this allows better designs), and even use drinkable yogurt, no coloring added (plain or vanilla), which has a better surface tension to create our designs. Ambient you need culinary use vegetable dyes liquid and dish washing detergent, the concentrate.

Wash, dry and iron the fabric where you go to stamp your design, or prepare paper or cardboard. Finally, prepare the container where do the design, trying to be a little larger than the paper to be printed or it comfortable to go dyeing fabric sector, if it is large (like a curtain).

A tip: if you’re going to stamp papers and cardboard using this technique of painting with milk, cut them to size and attaches to the back two tabs of tape, to lift the liquid more easily.

How to paint with milk

This technique has been widely spread in home videos all over the internet, and for good reason: it is safe for children, it is easy to make, and very original. That’s why we chose to create decorative pieces for your home or as a means to customize your tissues such as shirts, curtains, blankets for the bed or sofa, and virtually anything you want. With some practice you will see that you can use this technique with milk paint for stamping wood and other elements.

Prepare the surface, flat, stable work, placing the container and then the milk or yogurt. Located at the center few drops of food grade vegetable dyes, in the way you want only a few drops per color. Carefully pour small drops of detergent, waiting between each drop to achieve your design. What happens is that the liquid dish detergent “push” the food coloring, so you must wait for it to move to go here and there adding detergent, achieving stunning designs. Try them in milk and yogurt, to see what liquid is most appropriate for your design.

To prevent the dye adheres to the edges of the plate, tray or container, pantaloons with detergent before pouring the milk.

Once you have your design ready, carefully poses paper or cloth over the surface without moving too much. Leave a minute to absorb all the color, and then carefully removed without tilting too much for milk paints do not drip on the surface and affect the design. Finally, let dry with color up outdoors, so you know it dry to touch for a day to be fixed to perfection.

This is a simple, fast and inexpensive technique to customize all your items. Milk paints are so easy to do, you surely want to try them on all your clothes, shoes, blankets, and throughout your home!

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