Making Treats for Halloween

On Halloween candy can not miss. Learn five homemade recipes and a good presentation to invite in night witches.

Sweet corn (candy corn) is one of the most traditional Halloween, and you can easily prepare at home.

Making Treats for Halloween

The Halloween is a special time when we celebrate, and we are filled with the most delicious treats for Halloween. It is a unique celebration for children and for adults, costumes, stories scary and spooky decorations of all kinds.

Getting your home is complete should not miss a candy table with these tasty and appealing recipes that you can prepare at home.

5 Recipes for Halloween candy

Aim these 5 tasty sweets for Halloween, and your guests marvel at this magical night:

Witch Fingers with marzipan

Make about 8 fingers witch with the following ingredients:

  • 200 grams home (about 7 ounces) of marzipan, bought or (knows the recipe here )
  • 8 whole almonds
  • Red food coloring culinary use (and brush)
  • Some sticks or decorating ESTEC
  • Powdered sugar to facilitate the work.

Preparing or kneaded to soften your marzipan, and cut into the form of tubes with fingers, marking the folds of the phalanges to the modeling tool. Moisturize one end and placed there a peeled almond, painted with red dye. Paint the other end with the same color, and you’ll have a bloody witch fingers and delicious to serve with your candy for Halloween.

Meringue Ghosts for Halloween

Prepare a classic meringue 2 egg whites (at room temperature), 3/4 cup powdered sugar or powdered, one teaspoon of vanilla extract or flavor you want, and 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar ( optional).

As well beaten and firm your meringue, place in a piping bag and draw the shapes of friendly ghosts on a baking sheet. Leads to very low oven for an hour or two, until you see the meringues swell, dora barely noticeable base and sign something opaque.

Using brushes and vegetable dyes, paints the dark circles of the eyes, or black and small candy sticks with royal icing or melted chocolate. Presto, you have ghosts in your delicious candy table for Halloween.

Pumpkins gelatin overnight in Bruges

These are one of the easiest sweets for Halloween: just prepare orange gelatin according to package directions, and place in a large flat pan, to make a gelatin block low.

Once securely in place and removes circles cut corners to mimic the shape of a pumpkin, sprinkle with granulated sugar and inserts elongated candy sticks or candy dyed green to imitate the stem of the pumpkin.

Bats marshmallow

On Halloween night can not miss bats, especially if they are sweet. Prepare marshmallows with the traditional recipe, adding black dye pastry.

While state and rest, placing colored powdered sugar in a blender or food processor with a drop of black dye and sprinkle marshmallows and cookie cutting mold shaped like a bat, to do well neat and easy to place figures on a plate of orange or red, creepy and delicious.

Sweet corn for Halloween

Perhaps the most traditional sweets for Halloween is the candy corn or sweet corn. Although it is very easy to prepare, you can achieve a much faster making imitation with miniature marshmallows, for purchased, or with homemade marshmallows .

Cut into small triangles, making a conical shape if you can, helping with powdered sugar. Moisturize a brush in the yellow dye and paints a third of the height of each cone from the base. Clean the brush, take the orange dye, and paint the middle third of the cones, leaving the nines. Let it dry well before proceeding to the next color, and serve your faux candy corn on your candy table for Halloween.

Presentation of candy for Halloween

If you are going to organize a house party for Halloween and want to offer your homemade sweets to all the guests, then remember the golden rule: the display is critical.

Try serving bowls of candy in chocolate: melted white chocolate, add a little orange dye and allowed to warm briefly while you blow small water balloons (although air) to the size you want to mimic your bowls.

Dip balloons to half its height in chocolate, raised and allowed to drain, and when no longer dripping chocolate, pósalos without just greased on a plate, or stone counter tops clean and dry marble. Leave to cool.

When the chocolate has hardened, remove the balloon (you can poncharlo) and decorate adhering edible eyes fondant with royal icing, or painting them with liquid food coloring in the design you prefer to give your little “pumpkin” chocolate candy for Halloween .

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