Master the Art Of Capturing Speaking Pictures With These 5 Tips

Voxweb is 2015’s WhatsApp. And just like the way the latter introduced instant messaging using Smartphones, the former is bring to a new resurgence in capturing images.

Instant messaging has come a long way – but the concept has been around from last two decades, whereas the idea of capturing images has spanned for two centuries. In a comparable field, digitalization of vinyl records changed the way how people watched videos, Voxweb is doing something along those lines to image sharing.


Here are five cool tips that would help you master the art of taking speaking pictures

  1. Smile ways don’t work: Ever since photography is evolved, people tend to think that a smiling face is essential to a good picture. But it isn’t, especially if it takes over the natural expression. One must be very conscious while taking pictures and make sure that the natural expression is not suppressed for the quest of a smiling picture.
  2. Learn to Use the main camera: Most of us try it from the front camera – which usually results in lesser quality pictures. It isn’t that difficult. All you need is a mirror whereby you could determine the exact height and the holding position whereby you can keep the phone so that it gets you the selfie on the go. Moreover, adding other stuff gets easier as and when you use a picture with good resolution.
  3. Add a clear audio: Adding a clear audio is a very important part when it comes to speaking pictures. When you add a clear audio, the recipient gets a very clear message. It is simple and fun.  Although you may want to try a lot of audio styles. An 11-second slot should do the job for you.
  4. Test it: Testing the audio messages is both fun and great! When you test the speaking picture, you get an idea of what the final image looks like, and would be in a better position to make amendments – if any.  Testing an image is a fundamental process which should never be bypassed and you must make every attempt to ensure that the picture fits the yardstick that you set up. Remember, audio pictures cannot be edited easily, therefore, it is important to be extra careful right at the start.
  5. Take inspiration: If you use Voxweb, then the life portal is the way to go. It would just simplify things for you and get you more inspiration than you had ever expected. Inspiration forms the backbone of taking great audio pictures and make a great attempt to make sure that everything fits in well.


These tips are not exhaustive and you can use it in conjunction to many other handy tips to get yourself the best of the image taking and sharing the experience. Remember, it is easy to forego some crucial yet subtle tips and you must watch out and guard against just about anything that impediments the flawless process of image capturing.


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