More than soils Revolution laminate in the kitchen

If we speak of laminated wood, floors or immediately we think of a coating, nothing out of the ordinary. But we had to change his mind because we just arrived the news for kitchens Innovus.

Multiple finishes created to cover all kinds of styles, always following the premises of innovation and design for a spectacular kitchen.

The finished building an interior space make the quality of the project, such as furniture coverings must present a refined appearance, joints, edges and surfaces must present a flawless appearance.

more-than-soils-revolution-laminate-in-the-kitchenCurrently the unicolores designs finished high gloss and woods are the most popular kitchen, recent trends have become the taste for fine materials, in search of environments that transport us to nature.

Innovus® has a variety of designs and finishes that have the best technical features to ensure the quality of the elements of a kitchen.

Able to realize integrated projects with the creation of kitchen cabinets, countertops or table tops, wall coverings and ceilings … giving the opportunity to create environments with a unified materials or by combining different designs that have the same properties.

Quality and durability. Innovus® originates materials besides being decorative are easy maintenance, resistant to scratches, abrasion resistant and particularly suitable for applications where a high load-bearing material is required.

COMPREHENSIVE PROJECTS. With Innovus® everything is possible: from furniture manufacturing to cover doors, walls and ceilings. A wide possibility of applications that allow us to carry out projects entirely in the same finish.

VERSATILITY. The firm invites us to reflect on the versatility of the material, application in interior design projects and decoration of all kinds.

What do you think the revolution of laminated wood? A kitchen trend with a material with all the guarantees.

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