How to move home with kids

Moving is stressful enough but doing it with children can be hard work. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the other side of the country or literally across the street, uprooting children from their familiar surroundings will take some patience and tact. Thankfully, there are lots of helpful tips to help before and after the move to make the transition as smooth and peaceful as possible. For Gloucester Sales and Lettings, visit Alex Clark Glos now part of TGRES

Before you move

Be prepared! By doing as much as you can before the move day will guarantee a smoother moving experience for everyone. Make sure you talk with your children about the move. Listen carefully to what they think and answer all of their questions. Help to put them at ease and know what to expect. Perhaps tell them about a previous time you moved and reassure them that all will be good and even exciting.

It’s important not to show too much stress in front of young children as they easily pick up on their parents’ emotions. Try to remain calm, even though inevitably there will be some hiccups along the way.

For young children, it can be a good idea to make packing fun by letting them play with some boxes while they pack up their things. Encourage them to be involved and a part of the process by showing them how to pack the right way for example.

Find out about your new neighbourhood together with your kids. Encourage older children to do some research on the area and find out what amenities there are and fun stuff of course. It might help to find a book about moving and positive experiences to help your child overcome any anxiety they might be feeling.

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Moving day

Make sure you pack an essentials bag with your children for the moving day and the first night in the new home. This can contain a few treats too! Be sure to have clothing, medication, nappies, toys, snacks and any other comforting items your child likes to have. A portable DVD player can come in handy for before everything gets plugged in properly or a tablet with some new games installed. Focus on making a calm and familiar area in your child’s bedroom on the first night, so make sure you have all their favourite things to hand on the move day. This will help them feel more at home.

Settling in

It does take a little time for everyone to settle in a home and a new area. If your children want to help you unpack then let them assist you. Allow your kids the freedom to choose where to place things and enjoy their new home. If they are old enough, let them pick out a paint colour for their bedroom or even help you in painting it.

Consistent routine is important to children so try to stick to their familiar nap times, meal times and outside activities as much as possible. This will help them to feel at ease and keep you a little more grounded. Put up their play equipment in the back garden and devote some time to playing with them, exploring and turning it into an adventure. Introduce yourselves to the neighbours and find out if there are other children nearby around the same age.

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