New Legal Battle, Apple Sues Ericsson For LTE Patents

A new patent dispute looming this time, between the Apple US and Sweden’s Ericsson but this time it is not claim rights but the “high” royalties that apple payable by the use of technology Wireless LTE patented Swedes.

TechAs published by the news agency Reuters, Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish company Ericsson, which owns the patent for the LTE wireless technology, arguing that, since these patents are not essential for the current mobile industry, paying Ericsson requires royalty that is too high.

Since 2008, shortly after Apple submit the original iPhone, the two companies reached an agreement whereby the company based in Cupertino could use various patents owned by Ericsson but now the situation had changed since, according to Apple, these patents and are not essential and royalties payable are too high since the Swedish those calculated based on the total price of the device when, again according to Apple, should do based on the price of the chip processor that includes technology, Apple said in the lawsuit filed before the Court for the Northern District of California and identified with the number CV-15-0154.

We have always been willing to pay a fair price to ensure rights standards essential patents covering technology in our products. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement with Ericsson in a fair price for their patents so as a last resort, we are asking the courts for help, spokeswoman Kristin Huguet Apple said.

Should the court rule in favor of Ericson, Apple asked the same court to set a “reasonable” rates.

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