Office design trends

Office design trends for 2019-2020

If you are thinking of redesigning your office, it is a good idea to review the office design trends of these types of spaces. When making reforms you should keep in mind to make it a pleasant place that promotes productivity and well-being. At the same time, it should give a good impression to your customers when they visit it.

The new thing is to achieve creative and unique environments that maintain interest in our workplace. A perfectly designed environment according to the objectives, tastes, needs, and values ​​of the company is able to promote motivation, commitment, and well-being. 

Today we show you some of the new trends in office design that can inspire you to make those changes that refresh your workspace.

The best office design trends for 2019-2020

Use micro cement

Because of its versatility and beauty, this new type of cladding has made its way into office decoration. With a continuous design, without cracks or joints, the microcement can be used on walls and furniture, in addition to floors. The microcement has a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes that make it suitable for any office space, regardless of the style we want to print.

Experts show us several very interesting proposals for the use of microcement in our offices:

Minimalist Style: White and Ivory Range

Office design trends

A minimalist office, with a clean and simple aesthetic, is always a sure hit and the microcement makes it easy for you to get it.

To get this space, combine white or raw furniture with some colorful details like pictures or flowers. A textured floor in gray range will give the special touch without breaking the minimalist aesthetic.

Modern Style: Blacks, silver and oxides

Office design trends

Playing with black tones on floors, walls and accessories create modernist spaces. Use chrome and metal details on chairs and utensils and mix textures and tones

Include designer furniture in your office

In any modern office worth its salt, designer furniture may be missing. It is just what an office needs to set a trend and have a timeless design. Dressing your workspace with a functional and charismatic decoration is vital to get happier employees and more satisfied customers with your company.

We spend a large part of the day in our offices and work desks, for this reason, choosing office furniture that makes your employees feel comfortable is essential to increase the productivity of your company.

Designer office furniture must be versatile, functional and especially ergonomic (never neglecting good taste!)

In addition, when meeting with one of your clients, having elegant and stylish designer furniture is ideal to make an impeccable first impression. If your meeting room has a sofa or some designer chairs, your client will instantly recognize the success and good taste of your company.

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The best designer furniture for your office

Good office furniture requires a pragmatic design that maintains the physical health of employees who use these resources and that complies with occupational safety and regulations, but this furniture must also be comfortable and that will make your eyes.

There are many designer furniture that may be just what your office needs to start highlighting: Eames chairs, chaise lounge chairs, Chester sofas, leather armchairs, Florence sofas … There are many possibilities and furniture to choose from.

Choose those designer furniture that best suits your tastes and the company’s own style and you will succeed.

Combine colors, materials, and textures

Office design trends

A point in favor of the microcement is that it admits any combination of texture and color. It is perfect to complement wood environments and surfaces to improve the aesthetics of rooms with windows or tiles. You can give the final touch to a staircase, a door or a piece of furniture. It is one of the best office design trends.

Use transparent partitions

Office design trends

In modern offices we can see more and more open spaces . Glass screens are an ideal element to achieve this opening while maintaining the required privacy in certain spaces. This is a great alternative to using solid walls and doors to divide offices and create private spaces for meetings, etc.

Another advantage offered by this type of division is to allow better use of natural light, in addition to favoring greater flexibility when changing the distribution of the office. An interesting aspect of this type of partitions is that they do not interfere with the office design, in fact, they can be used to highlight it.

Create relaxing spaces

Office design trends

Every day we find more companies that have decided to create leisure and relaxation spaces in their offices. This is done with the idea that workers can take a break from their workday, and then return to work happier and more rested. These are spaces for relaxation and communication between employees.

Elements that allow employees to release the stress that their work can cause them are integrated here. These rest areas stimulate creativity and synergies among those who work in the office. Relaxing spaces include restrooms, smartly designed coffee areas and seating spaces where employees can relax for a few minutes with a cup of coffee. The furniture in these spaces should be casual and relaxed, and preferably with a slightly dimmer light than the rest of the office.

Enter more light

Office design trends

The best workspaces are those that have a bright and bright atmosphere. It is proven that natural light makes people feel happier and more productive, which, without a doubt, is very useful when we want to form an efficient workforce. Thinking about this, it is convenient to ensure that your office space allows the best possible natural light entry and distribution, which in many cases involves removing blinds and creating open environments.

But natural light is not enough, we must complement it with other sources of light that create the right environment for productive work. The most commonly used option in offices today is LED lighting, which is more energy-efficient than other unnatural light sources.

Due to their characteristics, LED lights can be used as the main lighting and as a decorative resource, thanks to their small size, which allows creating original patterns. Additionally, the type of light produced by LED lamps does not cause fatigue.

Highlight the brand image

For a long time, the logos of the brands were only at the entrance of the office, behind the receptionist’s post. Currently, however, the brand’s image is also integrated into the decoration of the space. The colors of the company are distributed throughout the office so that employees, customers, and visitors can recognize the brand consistently regardless of where they are in the office.  

To achieve this, many modern offices dot their workspaces with elements of the brand and focus on using the colors that identify it. Some ways in which this objective can be achieved is with a huge logo painted on one of the walls or with serigraphs on a glass panel.

A touch of color

Unlike traditional offices, modern offices inspire us with their colors. And, if you are thinking of designing a productive office space, do not stay with neutral colors, use bright color palettes and inspiring designs. Forget the typical beige office, with wooden furniture and blue chairs and incorporates other types of furniture, chairs of various colors and works of art. You can use the corporate colors or create a multicolored space, but already the monochrome and muted color offices are out.

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