The personality types in your team

There are many different personality profile tools that can be used to find out how both you and your team members all work best. Some of them give you some ideas on how to work well with others of differing personality types and some even break down your personality based on the types of the tasks that you may be performing and how pressured you feel.

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Belbin is one such team personality profile tool. It can be useful to know the personality types in your team so you can enhance the group dynamics in a positive way and make the most of any Scrum Master Training Dublin from that you may be thinking of undertaking.

Belbin depicts nine different behaviours that occur in teams and a highly effective fully functioning team needs to have access to all nine of these. All of the roles have their own individual weaknesses and strengths, but each is equal to the others. There is no one dominant role, each one slots into place like a well-planned jigsaw. In order to work out what behaviours you display it is necessary to complete a Belbin self-perception inventory.

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The nine behaviours are:

  • Resource Investigator – these individuals are naturally inquisitive and use these skills to bring fresh ideas to projects and tasks.
  • Teamworker – versatile individuals that play a role in the team gelling together. They take on whatever work needs doing in order for the team to complete their given task.
  • Co-ordinator – these people are delegators who plan out all of the elements of a project and ensure that they are completed by the best qualified individual.
  • Plant – highly creative individuals who think outside the box and often come up with unique ways to solve problems and issues.
  • Monitor Evaluator – they remain impartial and dispassionate and look at everything with a logical eye making them the perfect people to help in times of conflict or confusion.
  • Specialist – these individuals are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields.
  • Shaper – highly driven individuals who help to keep the team focused and on track to achieve their given goal. These people are key in keeping the motivation of the team high.
  • Implementer – these are practical and reliable individuals that will ensure that any plans are carried out and that any ideas are concrete and able to be implemented.
  • Completer Finisher – these individuals are usually used at the end of a task to ensure that all the loose ends are tied up and to scrutinise any work of errors.

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