Protecting your Property – Keep the Winter Weather Out

As the countdown to Christmas arrives, making sure that as well as having all of our Christmas shopping done and festive food ordered, it is important to make sure that our home is ready to brave the worst that the winter can throw at us. Winter storms and bad weather are something to be aware of at this tome of the year and making sure that we are ready for it is something that we should all be doing now. Here are some of the main things to check before the weather outside gets too bad…

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Check the Roof – The roof protects us and our home over the winter – keeping us warm and dry. So make sure that you don’t have roof damage such as missing tiles, and also take some time to unblock gutters which can be full of autumn leaves at this time of year. If you have trees near your home, now is the time to get a professional such as this tree surgeon Bournemouth based to have a look at them and cut them back if need be to prevent them coming down on the roof.

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Check the Garden – Outdoor evenings in the warm garden are long gone, and it is time to make sure that the garden is ready to endure the winter weather. If possible, put things away for next summer in a shed or garage, such as kids toys and garden furniture. Or protect it with a cover. You will also need to check that the furniture is weighed down in case of any large gusts of wind over the winter.

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