Smart Ways to Organise Your Garage

Garages are often the place to put things that either aren’t used that often or that there isn’t room for indoors. They are often messy and it can be difficult to find things, or even remember what’s in there.

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Although modern garages are very rarely used to store cars, in a recent survey 41% of people still put a garage on their list of ‘must-haves’ when buying a new house.

Roof Space

Making better use of garage space can create valuable extra storage and make it a lot easier to find and store belongings. For example, utilising the roof space by using some plasterboard can create a large dry space for Christmas decorations and suitcases.


Using the walls can be a great way to store garden tools and even bikes. Specialised hooks can be bought easily and are simple to attach. For smaller tools, a simple tool rack can be a great space saver and make selecting the correct tool for the job quicker and easier.

If your garage is quite small, or you need a lot of extra space, attaching a wall-mounted folding workbench which is easy to pull out and use when needed can be a great solution.

If you need a larger garage workbench or heavy-duty design, companies such as supply a wide range, including models allowing you to sit down and work, as well as portable workbenches and those with additional storage.

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Technology and Security

There are many available gadgets which can show you when your garage door is open and connect to a display in your home or to your mobile phone. Sensor systems for lighting are also popular as well as remote control door opening, which is helpful especially if you do wish to park a car or motorbike inside the garage.


Many people have started using their garage for fitness equipment such as rowing machines and boxing bags. As long as there is natural light and good air circulation, a garage can provide the perfect home gym.


Depending on how organised you want the garage to be, having specific areas for certain things is a good way to keep it tidy. For example, if you keep the garden chairs and BBQ together, the minute the sun comes out you can make the most of it.

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