Techniques to Improve Memory Study

Do you have trouble remembering what you study before a test? Then applied these techniques can improve memory and learning.

Methods to Increase Your Memory Study

The memory is the capacity that human beings have to remember and organize the knowledge we learn throughout our lives. This means that there is a way to exercise the ability to remember, but we can use a number of techniques to improve memory to study. Would you like to know?

If you are having trouble remembering what you just read, or just your mind is clouded during an exam, then you commented that there are many effective ways to sort all the knowledge you have in your head.

Usually, most people usually have problems when solving a slogan for lack of clarity. To this we add other emotional factors preventing better concentration. But all is not lost!. Dare to implement these tips to increase your memory.

Memorization techniques: Attention

Attention is one of the most common problems among hundreds of students. If you’re used to reading accompanied by music or pending notifications coming to your smartphone, then it is virtually impossible for you to remember what you are reading.

The solution? Simply turn off all your electronics and focus your attention on the content you have in front. While it is not easy to part with the technology can be tested at intervals of 10 minutes, so you can focus 100% during this time.

As you manage to adapt to this new study regimen begins to increase the minutes up to 2 hours per day. More than a memorization technique, is a survival tip for any student.

Method for improving the study: Integration

The idea of ​​studying for an exam is not just down to having a positive rating, we must also worry about our training. To find out if we are really learning, we must make integration work.

What does it consist of ? Relates everything you are reading with other concepts and authors, so that you can easily associate with the new material you are registering your brain. It may cost you initially follow this memorization technique, but with some practice you will find it easier to remember everything you’ve just read.

For it attempts to answer the following questions: Is there anyone else who talks about this? How I can relate this concept? Is there anyone who opposes what this author? These questions will help you organize knowledge in your mind.

Intonation, another technique to improve your memory

You’d be surprised what you can learn with some intonation and good will. We are talking about a very useful tool to improve your memory to study, based on repetitions aloud method.

For example, if a mouthful, try to attribute a particular intonation, making work easier memorization. Designate a different tone for each item that costs you remember. All this must be said out loud so that your brain can associate your own melodies.

If you find it too embarrassing to put melody to what you read, then tries to make an overview of the content. And if you are ashamed to talk to others, you can just do it out loud about your pet.

Everyone is free to use these methods to study memory that are most useful. Dare to apply and more effective results.

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