The Benefits of a Public Adjuster

Insurance claims are stress inducing. Not only are you dealing with damages to your property, you also have a pile of red tape to go through. There is a way to make it easier.

Natural disasters come without warning. This is why every homeowner is required to have an insurance policy to protect themselves and their property. There is a minimum amount you are legally required to have, but you should always consider supplementing it.

Adjusters are individuals, usually sent by your insurer, who assess the damage to your property during a claim. The insurance company then uses this information to determine its value. There are a few different types of assessors. The most common are employed by the insurance company and are called independent adjusters. There is also public adjuster, hired by the claimant to assess the damage related to their insurance claim.

3 Benefits of Public Adjusters

1. They work for you – Private adjusters are employed by the insurance company. They have the insurer’s interests in mind. Because of this, it’s hard for claimants to trust their verdict implicitly. You may get a lowball offer from them if you don’t know what you are doing. Public adjusters keep your interests in mind while assessing the value of your damage. Using only an independent adjuster is like using the other parties attorney to represent you in a lawsuit.

2. They are worth the cost – On average, public adjusters increase the value of a claim over 500%. The improved value of the payout usually completely covers their cost and more. Most adjusters get paid a percentage of the settlement they get for their client. The more money the claimant receives, the more they get paid. Public adjusters are known to show a great return on investment.

3. They know the ins and outs of the industry – Most adjusters have worked for insurance companies at some point in their careers. They know all the tricks of the trade the company might use against you during your claim. When you hire one to represent you, you will have years of expertise on your side.

If you are in the middle of the claims process with your insurance company, you should contact one of the public adjusters in your area for help. You are likely to see a huge increase in the amount of your settlement thanks to their expertise. Don’t risk getting a settlement far below what you deserve by trusting the insurance company’s adjuster.

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