The fastest Roller coaster in Yorkshire

In the heart of Yorkshire lies the theme park of Flamingo Land. The Flamingo’s are no longer the most significant draw ( they were the first animals installed when the park opened in 1959). That place is now taken by the Hydraulic launch based ride Velocity. As with many high-speed Roller coasters, the full power of Hydraulics is required to get the cars up to the speed required. A Hydraulic Power Unit, like those from is perfect for the job.

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Velocity is unusual in several ways, so much so that it draws people in from all over the world to experience it. Unlike most other rides, it does not strap the rider in, Instead, it uses a clever restraining system developed purely for the park that allows the riders upper body to be free. This enables them the chance to experience the many stresses and g-forces without any buffering. This is all completely safe.

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The cars take the form of a Motorbike. Passengers can cling onto the handlebars of the bike and pretend to drive it over the course. It’s known as a “booster bike ride” and follows the less restraining styled rides such Nemesis and Air at Alton Towers. As we strive for newer and better thrills it seems that the designers are allowing their imaginations to run wild. Hydraulics will be there to assist them.

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