The first Valentine's Day to be married!

The first Valentine’s Day to be married!

The first Valentine’s Day to be married! There is no doubt: the first Valentine’s Day married deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. Perhaps you will remember those deeply romantic feelings you felt on the day when you wore the wedding dress, or you will retrace some moments in which you have exchanged those wedding phrases in front of all your guests. Valentine’s Day remains one of the favorite holidays for lovers and many of you may, on this day, officially spend it as a husband and wife, in front of a glass of wine and whispering sweet phrases of love. To be able to remember it forever, we thought to give you some ideas to celebrate it!

Celebrate the first meetingThe first Valentine's Day to be married!

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, you could take a dip in the past, the day you met. It would be very romantic, and at the same time fun, to re-propose the first date, in the same place and with the same scenario, to remember and relive the emotions that have held you together for so long, until you decide to do the big step. Maybe it was just then that you thought: “He is the man/woman of my life!”

Special sweets for a special dateThe first Valentine's Day to be married!

It would be very romantic to prepare a dessert for your husband to celebrate this special date. A nice idea could be to reproduce your wedding cake in a smaller size or simply prepare one with your hands to the taste you prefer and finish it with original decorations. Would definitely be a great dessert for a nice dinner by candlelight.

Honeymoon, remake!The first Valentine's Day to be married!

The honeymoon is one of the most important journeys made together and that will take you forever in the heart. Another very funny and original idea could be to propose a second honeymoon, maybe not exactly in the same places, but something similar, like a surprise weekend out, that can bring you back to mind with those wonderful days spent together.

Small details that make the differenceThe first Valentine's Day to be married!

Your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple you can not celebrate with a nice gift! A jewel accompanied by a bouquet of flowers for her and the ticket for a game of the favorite team for him, a dinner prepared with your hands or a whole day to be pampered in a spa. These are just some possible ideas: the important thing is to find something that will amaze your or your partner, for a truly exceptional Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day DIYThe first Valentine's Day to be married!

If you have decided to spend this special anniversary at home, and if your dexterity has proved successful at the time of preparation of the DIY wedding place cards you could make a lot of gadgets for him or her. Give life to a unique setting for your intimate dinner, making scented candles, personalized cards with romantic phrases, heart-shaped candle holders, bath salts, a frame for your photo and much more. All ideas, certainly original, that will be greatly appreciated by your half.

Start a new tradition all yours

The day of the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding could also mark a date to start a new tradition together , so why not invent something that you will do only you and only on Valentine’s Day, like a walk in a place dear to you, an appointment in your favorite restaurant, or anything else you can think of. In short, a tradition to carry forward, year after year, which can be a testimony of your great love.

Did you know that some couples, perhaps the most romantic, decide to get married on Valentine’s Day for the symbolic value that brings with it? If you also fall into this category, you can take advantage of it to celebrate the “double event” by inserting a few sentences for wedding anniversary in the gift that you will make to your partner. And why not choose an elegant wedding dress for the occasion? Whatever your way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, it will, in any case, be a great success because first of all, it will be a celebration dedicated to you two as a couple, and to the love, you feel for each other.


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