The future of pallet truck technology

The biggest challenge that most businesses will face over the next couple of decades is the journey towards a carbon neutral operation. With increasing demand for 24/7 order and delivery services and a desire for more eco-friendly business approaches, what does this mean for the warehouse and distribution industries?

Pallet trucks of the future will need to work tirelessly, with minimal loss in efficiency to keep up with demand. They will also need to operate in environments such as freezing cold storage. Therefore, they will need to be as reliable and efficient as possible and in terms of electric vehicles, work for the longest possible time without recharging.

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The future, therefore, looks electric for pallet trucks. Perhaps solar panels could recharge the truck as it operates meaning no need for the changing out of batteries. As solar energy applications continue to advance, this could be a viable option to keep pallet trucks moving without the need to stop and recharge. For a range of Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland, visit a site like Forklift and Pallet Trucks, a supplier of Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland

Designs for pallet trucks will most likely become lighter and more durable, with an increased focus on being optimised for both size and weight. These units will be quieter and produce little to no pollution when compared to the current petrol and diesel models.

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As space is at a premium across the UK, pallet truck designers will also need to factor in shrinking aisle sizes and higher storage requirements as warehouse owners adjust to the need to optimise available space.

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