The inspiring Tanni Grey-Thompson

When you think of the greats of the British Paralympics, the name Tanni Grey-Thompson will definitely be at the top of the list. With an incredible career that spanned 16 years and saw her win 11 Gold Medals, 4 Silver, and1 Bronze, it is no wonder she has been called Great Britains’ greatest ever Paralympian.

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Tanni was born with Spina Bifidia was is a condition that appears gestationally and leave the individual with mobility issues. Many people will need to use a wheelchair either on a temporary or permanent basis, and others will use a variety of Mobility Aids like the ones that you can find at Ability Superstore to help them with everyday activities and tasks that many of us take for granted.

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As well as achieving some incredible sporting successes, Tanni was given an MBE in 1993, which was then followed up with an OBE in 2001 and was made a Dame in 2005. Her awards were given not only for her sporting successes but for the work that she does to encourage others into grass roots sports. Having started wheelchair racing herself at the young age of 13, Tanni has inspired lots of other athletes into a variety of sports.

It was aged 17 that Tanni became a part of the British Wheelchair Racing Squad and she took part in ther first Paralympics, aged 19 in Seoul in 1988, where she went on to win a Brnonze medal in the 400m race.

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