The interesting world of Ripon Cathedral

Ripon is the third smallest city in England, but don’t let that fool you. Visitors flock to the area each year to visit the city, its magnificent cathedral and take a trip to one of the two nearby World Heritage Site – Studley Royal Park and Fountains Abbey. If you are looking for Things to do in Ripon take a look at to get some ideas.

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The Cathedral was built in the 600’s and many of its original features can be seen in the more modern architecture that saw the cathedral being renovated and added to over the years. It is thought to be one of the oldest Christian religious buildings in the country and more and more is being found out about the Anglo-Saxon settlements in the area, which shines a light on what life in the past was like in Ripon.

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Over 100,000 people visit the Cathedral each year. Some to worship and others to view some of the spectacular architecture that can be seen. The crypt is the oldest part of the cathedral and was one of the first components built back in 672 by Saint Wilfrid wzo founded the cathedral.

There are many wooden carvings that can be seen in the quire and are one of the architectural features that many visitors want to see. It is believed that some of the carvings actually inspired the characters from the classic children’s novel – Alice in Wonderland.

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