The rise of the engagement shoot

It has been said that even the most established businesses need to diversify in order to survive and it is no different for the ever popular wedding photography industry. Recent years have seen the sector serve more and more couples who are choosing to take part in something called an engagement shoot. But what exactly is it and why is it something so many nearly newlyweds are opting to do?

The rise of the engagement shoot

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For many couples, announcing an engagement is one of the most joyous moments in the journey towards wedded bliss and as such they are keen to share it with as many people as possible. Although some people still choose the more traditional route of a newspaper announcement, a more modern way to achieve the aim is with a commemorative photograph that captures the couple together.

But how often can a couple claim to have the perfect photograph just lying around? It’s always the same; poor lighting, closed eyes, bad-hair-day … and that is where the professionals come in.

Photography fear

For some, the idea of a professional photo shoot is a dream but for others it is an absolute nightmare. Not knowing what to expect can indeed be frightening, but professional outfits such as are well prepared to ease any concerns that may be on show. An engagement shoot is all about capturing the reality of a relationship, not the artifice of love and so photographers will be keen to see the couple relaxed in each other’s company.

A natural result

With a professional at the helm, couples need not worry about the quality of the images that will be produced at the end of the shoot. More and more people of all ages are admitting to filtering and altering supposedly casual snaps, but with a professional who knows exactly how to photograph their subjects there will be no need for such deception.

Special relationship

Of course, one of the most significant benefits of arranging an engagement shoot is the relationship it can form between the happy couple and the photographer themselves. Whether a couple is looking for a wedding photographer in Hampshire, Yorkshire or beyond it can make the day of the nuptials far more relaxing if the snapper is already part of the group. After all, a photographer is an integral part of the success of any wedding day and the more comfortable the couple is in their company, the better the end result will be.

Everlasting memories

Aside from the afore-mentioned practicalities of taking part in an engagement shoot, for couple and photographer alike, there are sentimental benefits too. The period of time building up to the wedding is incredibly exciting and having images of it preserved forever is a truly lovely thing. Couples should therefore think carefully about a special place or a personalised theme that is truly representative of how the two came together and why they will stay together.

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