What do you think of when you think of Bath?

Let’s start off be saying I’m not talking about actually having a Bath I am talking about the city. It’s a good starting point though because the city of Bath is indeed named after a famous one. We’re going to look at what most people would associated with the town when they are asked about it. One thing they probably don’t think about is what the residents have to put up with in this old Spa town. For example have you considered what they need to do if they require a Bath TV aerial installation as the picturesque city needs these things just as much as the next. Not that you’d notice as you walk the famous Bath Skyline, a trail owned and maintained by the National Trust around the city. Bath TV aerial installation companies take into consideration the aesthetic nature of the building and any building regulations. So, if you go to Bath what can you expect to see?

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The most famous thing about the city is the reason it exists in the first place, its celebrated Spa. Bath can date its origins right back to the Roman occupation of Britain where it became one of the most celebrated towns in Roman Britain. It was probably around as a settlement before then during the Iron Age as anywhere where there was water, and water reputed to be magical at that, was always going to be a popular site. The Romans soon realised this and basically changed it to their Goddess Sulis or the locals decided that they actually preferred her to the original one. Whatever the story behind it the Baths are still there although you can’t take a dip anymore. You can take advantage of the very modern spa that has been built around it though giving commanding views of the city from the roof. There is also the chance to have tea in the Bath Pump rooms. This really is a very traditional thing to do where you will be served cucumber sandwiches (or whatever you fancy) cakes and tea. It definitely comes on a stand.

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A wander around the city of Bath is a very rewarding experience. There is lots of street theatre and performers to enjoy plus the gorgeous Georgian architecture mixes in with the Edwardian and Victorian too. The immensely picturesque Palladian bridge being one as it frames the Avon’s cascading weir. There is the beautiful Bath Theatre Royal which is a site in itself. Inside it has stalls and the rising balconies up to the Gods. It has some spectacular productions and although the theatre is old the shows certainly are not.

It’s a great place where the traditional merges with the modern in a seamless blend. There really is something for everyone in the City and a visit is always worthwhile, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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