Tips for baby sleep

Say goodbye to the night crying with these tips for baby sleep through the night. And do not sleepless more than necessary!

Tips for baby sleep

One of the most common problems new parents is to get their children to sleep. However, there are some tricks to make your baby sleep all night and that will be very useful.

Rest allows the growth and development of your children, besides being able to adapt to their environment to acquire the confidence to extend the nap until dawn. In case you did not know, from the seventh month babies can understand words and capture the emotions of parents, an opportunity to create habits bedtime.

Here are some tips for your baby to sleep peacefully.

Create enjoyable experiences for your baby

Babies are like a sponge absorbing everything that happens around him, that’s why you have to find the motivation to associate nights sleep prior to pleasant experiences. This will allow linking some special moments with mom and dad sleeping.

For some children sleep easier run if certain conditions that make you feel comfortable are met, and above all, fearless. It is normal for a baby to wake up scared in the middle of the night because of the heat needed to return mom feel safe. In that sense, a good tip to make the baby sleep soundly is to place a piece of mom in the cradle. The odor released prevent feel abandoned and continue sleeping safely (do not abuse the use of perfumes).

Techniques to relax the baby before bedtime

Among the different tricks for the baby to sleep have some relaxation techniques that can be applied before the rest minutes. For example, it is preferable to avoid any distraction or social activity that can keep your little active. It is also desirable to keep the room in dim light and silence so that the baby can link all these external stimuli with sleeping schedule.

A bath before nap is also an excellent way to prepare the break, and if you have some time, apply gentle massage on the back. All this will encourage your baby to relax and unwind long. It is likely that in the first weeks the result is not as expected and continue crying, you must be patient until it suits the circumstances.

Conversations for your baby to sleep

Talk to your baby is one of the most basic practices in the relationship of parents and children. Remember that you are the means that will allow you to know everything that happens around them, so you should encourage him with words and tokens of affection.

Whenever night, the tone of your voice changes and repeated that it was time to sleep. Join this special moment with a story, slow songs, or even a classic instrumental music at low volume. Leave the children’s music for the day and create a more welcoming climate.

Follow these tips to make your baby sleep, and above all, have patience, if you despair only make suffering more. Do not give up!

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