Tips for saving energy in the home

Strategies for energy savings and improve the economy of their home, most of these tricks are simple, economical and profitable for you.

The importance of saving energy at home

It is often thought among ordinary citizens that the weight of pollution and energy waste industries have it, especially oil or chemicals generating large. But the truth is that they are small actions determinants of millions of citizens, we generate thousands of tons of waste and toxic waste (cleaning products, disinfectants, expired medicines, fuel cars …) laying waste, consumer desire, etc.

TechWith the same energy occurs, so their savings and better management, in a large number of people and the counteraction have a noticeable effect on the environment and its economy. Since between the crevices of poor energy management, also a good amount of money on electricity bills escapes. Therefore, the following tips will provide a refund in the domestic economy in the short to medium term

Tips to save energy in home heating and air conditioning

Saving energy in the home is a great asset in good management of heating and air conditioning since over 50% of electricity usage in homes they produce these systems, especially in areas of extreme changes like cold winters and summers quite hot. Both in this case, as in those in which one of these stations is dominant, with temperatures slightly bearable without the support of these devices, how these tricks will help you save energy:

  • Improve housing insulation: This trick may not be economic, but reforming the house is an expense that repaid soon. Place a good insulation in exterior walls and ceilings if the top floor. If your windows are not double glazed low emission and PVC frames, place. In a couple of years will see their incomes increase by the cost savings.
  • Seal doors and windows: A good trick, and this economic time, is to seal the cracks that are under doors and around windows. You may have noticed that filter the cold air in winter the temperature drops in certain areas. Put in these adhesive weatherstripping spaces, which are a super economic strips made of rubber, foam or silicone.
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling: If your home has electric radiators or convectors electrical resistance, heat pumps replace with class A or higher. If you change your boiler, a condensing better. In case of heating and / or hot water, raise the community to install individual meters or consumption cost drivers. This is a trick an advance, and shall be binding on in 2016.

Four tips for saving energy in the home

These four tips are efficient to save on energy and the economy of home, plus most with very little cost:

Tip One: Get appliances Class A or higher, above the fridge which to be working 24 hours consumes enough. Thus, with good management, the expense saved in a home is about 70% with a fridge Class A.

Tip Two: Use LED bulbs and have an energy and cost savings in lighting between 80 and 90%. In addition, the life of the LED is up to 30 times longer than traditional, so between one thing and another, even if they cost a little more money, in fact they are very cheap and they have turned away and usually have warranty.

Tip Three: Disconnect all the devices you are not using, because the standby mode (stand-by) according to Eurostat, consumes up to 7% of household power.

Tip Four: Encourage renewable energy can be an interesting alternative for saving energy, such as solar thermal hot water for the home, heating and swimming pools, solar photovoltaic for generating household electricity, geothermal, biomass, wind, etc. But require some initial investment is amortized quickly and becomes an economic asset because it will be a good saving. That does not have to look at the monthly electricity bill and do the math.

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