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Traveling around Latin America

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Whether you live on the mainland or not, you can travel through Latin America and enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Discover some tips for this adventure.

Tips for Walking Latin America

You’ve decided to travel to Latin America, now is the time to organize your journey. Pay attention to the following tips:

1. Purchase local currency in each country

Unlike what happens in much of Europe, in Latin America there is a specific currency for the area. Each of the countries (more than 30) have their own currency, although in some cases, such as Puerto Rico, the dollar is the official ticket.

TravelChanging countries is based on different conditions, so it is desirable to have some dollars and some change in the place (exchange of the center of the capital city, for example).

Once you already know what the currency of that country, to travel around Latin America is vital that you always have some cash with you . Not everywhere you can pay by credit card but is international. Be careful where you take your important belongings and money always changes in official exchange or bank. Pay attention to potential scams.

2. Budget for a trip through Latin America

You can go Latin America in a year as it is quite affordable by the shift towards the euro. Also, if you’re in savings plan, you can get very inexpensive hotels and restaurants. It is also necessary to consider the offer, because in large cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or Mexico City, the costs increase with regard to the towns or localities less popular.

3. Flights for a trip through Latin America

In all the countries of Latin America can be reached by plane, however, the frequencies are not always daily, or must do some combinations. A good idea is to buy tickets in advance, especially if your trip starts in high season. Also, you’ll save enough money.

Some of the most important parts of the continent have Web sites where purchase tickets or receipts electronically. One of the most prominent examples is the Machu Picchu in Peru.

4. Maps

No matter the type of trip you decide to go Latin America , whether by car, bus, plane or hitchhiking on the road, provided you have a good map of each country separately. In this way, you will have more detailed roads, paths, cities, etc. You can get them at gas stations, for example, or downloaded from the Internet.

There are also mobile applications that are very interesting and can be used offline. If you carry a GPS, you do not trust 100% because in some places it may not have satellite signal.

5. Languages

Before traveling to a Latin American country, it is good to know some important data, such as culture, major attractions, climate, entry requirements, transportation, traditions, etc.

Although Spanish is spoken in most countries (there are important exceptions, such as Brazilian Portuguese and English or French in the Caribbean Islands), there are many idioms that can leave you badly or in an embarrassing situation. You might want to refer to the words used for things in particular. You can also make you understand, do not worry.

6. Requirements for travel to Latin America

All countries in Latin America have different requirements for entry of tourists. Guests traveling on the Andean Community of Nations (Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia) have to submit Visa to transit them. In the case of Puerto Rico a US visa is required. In all cases, the identification is the passport.

In the tropical area of Latin America it is necessary to present the certificate of vaccination, especially yellow fever. This is for Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela.
In some regions the water is not drinkable and in others, the health service is poor. This occurs mainly in mountain villages, jungles or forests. In big cities there is such a problem, but if not feel safe, better buy bottled water.

The best places to tour Latin America

Each traveler is a different world, however, most of them coincide in recommending the following destinations within an experience as it is to travel around Latin America :

  • Desert of Ica (Peru)
  • Lake Quilotoa (Ecuador)
  • Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
  • Cocora Valley (Colombia)
  • Cartagena (Colombia)
  • San Blas (Panama)
  • Punta Negra (Peru)
  • Antigua (Guatemala )
  • Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
  • Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Chichén Itzá (Mexico)
  • Atacama Desert (Chile)
  • Copacabana (Brazil)
  • Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)
  • Easter Island (Chile)

If you have planned touring Latin America , please follow these tips and visit these destinations.

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