Traveling by plane with Baby

If you are planning a plane trip with your baby, pay attention to these details before, during and after the flight, to make the experience wonderful for all.

Tips for Flying with your baby

The first vacation with your child is the most important and remembered. It should take into account for example, what will be the destination and duration of the trip. The doctors say it is best to travel to a nearby site and with the greatest possible number of amenities. However, some choose to go to a place to get away and have to travel by plane with the baby. That is not forbidden to families with young children, of course, although care must be taken that the small is best.

The spirit of traveling does not have to be changed by having children, that’s clear. It is also good to fly once you have prepared well all family members. This means to have everything they might need on the trip and stay.

Tips for air travel with baby

Can there be anything more beautiful than to vacation with our son? Of course not! To make the experience wonderful and unforgettable for all for you, please pay attention to the following tips:

Ask the airline what the requirements are: Each airline has specific requirements for traveling with babies . Consultation in advance must present documentation, for example. Some companies require parents carrying small children in a special chair to indicate that it is suitable for aircraft. You could also ask about breastfeeding policy, and maybe have a space reserved for it.

Select the schedule to fly: Try to make the time fly match the hours when the baby sleeps, that is, at night (mostly). In this way, the child will sleep during flight without problems, will not bothersome, no cry (or will do so) and not disturb other passengers, nor “will realize” they are traveling. If you get a flight at midnight, the child will rest most of the journey and on arrival will be more rested without altering their sleep. Try to avoid those flights that are in scale and therefore does not wake up.

Reserve a seat for the baby: Although they are very small when traveling in the lap of his mother or father, some airlines require adults to buy an exclusive seat for the child, but do not use it. Also they have special rates and you can even request a crib or bassinet (order in advance) that is secured to the seat for comfort and safety of all. It is advisable to book a seat on the aisle, to get up if you have to walk to lull the baby to change diapers, etc.

Bring all necessary documentation: Airlines request the identity of the baby even travel with both parents. They may also require the marriage certificate, or special permission if traveling with only one of them. It is advisable to bring the vaccination card or child health card, according to destination. In general, one of the tips for air travel with the baby is to have all the documentation available, although it is not being used. It is preferable to carry one or two papers to lose the flight or not to travel.

It brings everything you need in the handbag: Check out what transport it to board the plane, considering that although the baby needs it, not always let you take it with you. Clothing, diapers, bottles (closed formula milk), clothing, cleaning towels (not liquid) and an object that the child appreciates or required to sleep like a pillow, a blanket, a toy, etc.

Arrive at the airport early: While it is true that the waiting time at the terminal is unbearable for travelers, especially for children, must meet the requirement of two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international. Sign up and leaves you pack early, feed the baby, change his or her diaper and try to sleep a bit, so it will be in excellent condition for flight.

Ask for help without shame: This is one of the tips for air travel with baby or know not everyone remembers. You may request assistance from the stewardess on the flight. She will assist you in whatever you need, do not forget that is formed for this. Ask what the child needs to be comfortable and not disturb other passengers.

Prepare for crying episodes: All babies cry, that’s nothing new. However, those who are not parents or do not travel with their children on the plane are not always willing to endure a tantrum or cry of a baby. It’s good you you anticipate this situation and take with you all objects that may help to calm, like a story book, a toy, an extra bottle, etc. And if they are not in phase takeoff or landing, do not hesitate to walk him through the halls to distract him a little.

What have these tips like? No doubt you’ll be traveling by plane with the baby without problems, enjoy the experience and spend a nice family holiday.

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