What is curling eyelashes?

Curling eyelashes is one of the most exploited cosmetic techniques of our time. It is a simple, effective and suitable methodology for people with long and short alike tabs.

Permanent Eyelash: What is and what is it?

It is defined as permanent artificial curling technique with temporary results, but extended. Usually related to hair, permanent can be applied on any hair on the body that holds true throughout.

BeautyThe permanent eyelashes has a long duration of 3-8 months and then return to its original state. With this technique, a more pronounced upward curvature is achieved, and is chosen by those with straight eyelashes, with swirls, downline or short, as the upward curvature gives an appearance of greater volume.

Often, the art is performed in conjunction with a dye tabs. With these two methods a striking color, higher volume, arched hairs and a much more prominent look you are obtained.

How to curling eyelashes made

Curling eyelashes begins with a deep cleansing, and then an oil solution that nourishes and thickens them, coating them completely applies.

By the mechanical action of a curler, pressure and temperature as the applied (as the dye, if used) product is dried. The technique takes about 30-45 minutes and lasts about three to eight months, depending on the case.

Benefits curling eyelashes

Permanent eyelash brings not only form, but also volume, nutrition and protection, as fixed in the hair product should foresee the drying, breakage and damage by rubbing.

After application, it should let stand the eyes and eyelashes for a day, and then you can makeup, comb, dip and wash as usual.

For cosmetics, a weekly treatment (or twice a week) with a few drops recommended essential oil of sweet almonds, gently rubbed on the eyelid and lash line top and bottom. This strengthens the hydrates and causing permanent also lasts longer. You can also apply for tabs vitamins once a month, to give them luster and beauty.

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