Where to go on honeymoon?

Choosing where to spend the honeymoon is just as important as the living room or party menu. Here are some tips to agree

Choosing the Destination for Honeymoon

When choosing the destination for the honeymoon is necessary to pay attention to certain issues for the trip, like everything else, unique and unforgettable. While there are unforeseen events that may occur, if planning is more difficult to happen.

To choose where to go on honeymoon first two should sit and talk to find out what the desires and tastes of each are (if you do not already know). In addition, you can analyze the different proposals and determine the best alternative.

HoneymoonThe honeymoon is capable not only of making partner is more time alone, but also to allow them to rest around the stress generated by the wedding (which is a lot). Probably the best trip of your life, hence the place should be a place to relax, but also to walk or do other activities if that is what you prefer.

The sooner you decide the destination for the honeymoon, will get a better chance, have the ability to pay it in installments by credit card, access advance purchase discounts, etc.

Tips for choosing where to go on honeymoon

Follow these tips to choose where to spend the honeymoon, so this process much easier for both and only have to be paid to enjoy:

– Season: Most couples choose to marry in spring or summer. It is necessary to note that in the other hemisphere is cold, and if you prefer the beach or heat must be determined by a site that is “the same side”. Also, pay attention because the high season is more expensive than the lower, it is more difficult to get good airline tickets or hotel rooms and the stay will be more expensive.

– The tastes and experiences: When you choose the destination for the honeymoon is necessary to remember what the couple wants. If you have already made many trips they can take to learn a new site, learn about a culture, etc. If this is your first time leaving the country, maybe it’s better to go a more traditional place, as is the beach.

– Budget: The Economics of the couple will not be going through the best time because a wedding has a high cost. To save on honeymoon, a good idea is to take the car and go down the road to a nice place. If that is not the idea that they had to spend his first week as husband and wife, then find cheap places like America or Asia.

– Stay: In most cases, couples take advantage of vacation from work to have more days available. If this is not possible, try not to go an entire country in five days. Better to settle on one or two sites and nothing else. Seize all to relax and reduce stress and nerves that caused their wedding.

– Climate: As mentioned above, to select the destination of the honeymoon is necessary to consider how it will be time. While you can not predict months in advance, if you can know how the weather at this time of year it is. Some places have either divided the dry months of the rainy, cold to hot, to the calm of the busy (by hurricanes, for example in the case of the Caribbean).

Places to go Honeymoon by month of the year

Each month has a place to go on honeymoon (or several options). If you are planning your wedding you will know what time they will travel, so which is easier to choose the most desirable alternative. You can determine where to go on honeymoon with this listing:

– Honeymoon in January and February: Bali, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Caribbean, Chile, Central America, Mexico, Florida (USA), Canada, Africa (South and Central), Australia, Morocco, New Zealand, Maldives.

– Destination for honeymoon in March: Places to go for honeymoon in the month are Central America, Chile, Argentina, Belize, Bali, Brazil, Mexico, Machu Picchu (Peru), Australia, French Polynesia, Egypt, Morocco , USA, Maldives.

– Honeymoon in April: Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, Spain, Japan, Florida, Egypt, the Bahamas, Italy, Morocco, Maldives.

– Destinations for a Honeymoon in May: If your wedding is in the fifth month of the year, you can choose cities in Brazil, England, Belize, Central America, Caribbean, Greece, Hawaii, France, Mexico, Italy, Spain, United States, Thailand, Turkey, Fiji, Czech Republic, Morocco, Ireland, Maldives, Madagascar.

– Honeymoon in June: Brazil, Caribbean, Canada, Greece, France, Hawaii, Spain, Italy, USA, Fiji, Slovenia, Czech Republic, French Polynesia, Maldives.

– Where to go on honeymoon in July and August: Canada, Brazil, Central America, United States (northeast), Slovenia, France, Bali, Africa (central and southern), Bermuda, Czech Republic, Thailand and Fiji.

– Places to Honeymoon in September: Canada, Brazil, England, Central America, Greece, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Australia, Fiji, Madagascar, Maldives, Africa (South and Central).

– Honeymoon in October: Belize, Bali, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, USA, Spain, Galapagos (Ecuador), Egypt, Australia, Morocco, French Polynesia, Fiji.

– Destinations for honeymoon in November: Central America, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Bali, Mexico, Hawaii, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Egypt, United States.

– Honeymoon in December: United States, New Zealand, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Central America, Caribbean, Brazil, Belize, Bali, Bahamas.

No doubt you have a variety to choose where to spend the honeymoon. The site of their choice will be one of the most important and memorable of your life.

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