Why drink water and lemon? The benefits of a classic home treatment

We often hear how the habit of drinking water. And lemon, by squeezing fresh juice into a little warm water, can bring various benefits to our body. Such advice often comes from friends, family or acquaintances. But how much is true? What can be the real benefits of drinking water and lemon? Here are some tips to drink water and lemon.

The benefits of drinking water and lemon

The lemon contains many beneficial elements, such as citric acid, citrates, trace elements, vitamin A, vitamins of group B and vitamin C. It is also a very special food because. Although acidic, it helps the gastric function and therefore to support the stomach. And the intestine, in the digestion processes. Therefore, one of the beneficial consequences of drinking water. And lemon consists precisely in supporting. And helping digestion in a general sense, as well as support in the event of particular problems such as constipation or diarrhea.

Furthermore, the lemon has mildly antibacterial. And disinfectant properties, and it has also been shown that lemon essential oil.  can be useful for the well-being of the oral cavity, fighting also halitosis. Finally, it has the ability to improve iron absorption.

The support of diuresis

Why drink water and lemon? The benefits of a classic home treatment
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Drinking water and lemon in the morning, in addition to supporting the intake of vitamins. And other beneficial elements for our body can stimulate diuresis. And support the purification of the body from waste substances that are normally produced.

The importance of vitamin CWhy drink water and lemon? The benefits of a classic home treatment

It has been said that the lemon, among its various substances, also contains vitamin C since it belongs to the citrus family. Vitamin C is a great ally of the immune system: drinking water and lemon can support our body’s immune defenses in relation to seasonal ailments or other minor ailments. Vitamin C can also be a panacea for the well-being of the skin.

PH adjustmentWhy drink water and lemon? The benefits of a classic home treatment

Among the benefits of drinking water and lemon, we remind that of helping the healthy regulation of our body’s pH. The lemon, in fact, has an alkalizing action, which contributes, that is, to rebalance the acidity levels in the body. When this balance changes our body, it becomes more susceptible to infections. Lemon juice has a very low or acid pH (between 2.3 and 2.5) due to the abundant presence of citric acid.

How to drink water and lemon?Why drink water and lemon? The benefits of a classic home treatment

How can we do than to drink water and lemon to support our well-being? First of all, let us remember that there are no products, foods or food supplements that can replace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, a correct diet and dedicate the right time to physical activity.

It is advisable to drink water and lemon in the morning, using fresh and possibly organic lemons to be squeezed in a glass of warm water. We do not exceed the dose of half a lemon a day and above all we always ask the advice of our doctor in case of presence of particular pathologies and taking medicines, to avoid possible interactions and exclude potential contraindications.

It is good not to add any kind of sweetener. It is possible to combine a ginger root with water and lemon, also indicated for proper digestion. For digestive well-being and to counteract any problems with halitosis, add some fresh mint leaves to the water and lemon.

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