Why it is essential to protect your meter boxes

Meter boxes cover your gas and electric meters and are important to ensure that these meters are protected. If your box is broken and in need of repair, you might want to consider looking at the Metal Meter Box options that you can find from suppliers like meterbox.co.uk.

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Here are some of the reasons it is essential to protect your meter boxes.

  • Readings – in order to ensure that you can take regular readings of your gas and electric usage, you need to be able to access the box. Giving regular readings to your energy supplier can help to reduce your bills as you pay for what you have used rather than an estimated amount.

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  • Requirement – it is actually your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure that you have a functioning meter box over your gas and electric meters. Your energy provider is entitled to come and take a reading whenever they wish, and if they can not access this, they can put in a formal complaint about your upkeep of the meters.
  • Safety – keeping your meter boxes undercover is the only way to ensure the safety of the unit. It can be tampered with and vandalised by people with nothing better to do. Keeping them in a safe box will limit access to the chest and protect it.

Simply put, a meter box will give you the peace of mind that this part of the house is thoroughly protected.

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