Helena Island

Why one would love to visit St. Helena Island


Saint Helena is a tropical island that is part of the British Overseas Territories. It measures 8 by 16 kilometers and is inhabited by nearly 5000 people. It was discovered by the Portuguese in 1502 and served as an important docking and resting station for ships sailing from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Currently, it is an island with a rich history and culture and a perfect place to visit on vacation. It might not be the first Island that comes to mind when looking for a place to travel but it is indeed worth exploration. Other than the amicability of the local population, here are a few more reasons why it is the perfect destination.


St Helena was settled by the English as a colonial provision station and the old administrative buildings stand as a reminder of eras gone by. For ancient history enthusiasts, it is also possible to follow the old trade routes and see where African slaves were freed.

More to this, there is the prison where Napoleon was held alongside other African uprising leaders. There are also artifacts from the Chinese laborers who settled on the island in the early 1800s and traces of Indian heritage for the Indian planters that came before them.

Climate and Weather

The climate in this beautiful island is mild tropical and marine. There is ominously a nice warm breeze and temperatures range from 21 to 28 degrees Celsius. The chances of having rainfall are very low, which makes it perfect for a holiday of sun bathing and strolling on the beach.

It is also often cloudy, so the heat does not become over bearing. The kind of climate also means that there are perennially green plants, for the perfect ambience and a beautiful landscape to behold.


St Helena has been listed as a tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to the number of exotic species of plants and animals that can be found on the island.

There is a wide range of exceptional habitats and the known number of endemic species well exceeds four hundred. It is therefore perfect for people who want to carry out research or even the adventurous type and who would like to discover a new species or two.

Other than this, there is also good grade coffee; the plantations are known to produce the most expensive coffee in the world.

Cactus pears or prickly fruits are also typical in the region.

Escaping the Crowds

Finally, St Helena is not crowded with tourists and locals. It is very quaint and set apart. Thus making it perfect for a relaxing holiday away from city noise and crowds.

From the moment you arrive, you have the opportunity to experience a quiet vacation, untouched by the rest of the world’s influence. You can have a very happy and relaxed moments with spouse or family here!!

Couples can enjoy the privacy of the beaches and top rated hotel hospitality. The Electronic System of Travel has been made available for application by Americans wishing to visit this beautiful island for a cozy vacation.

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